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Ford F-100 Fuel Tanks

While your Super Duty Ford fuel tank may seem like a daunting task to change, it isn't actually that difficult. If you have the room and the tools, replacing old fuel tanks is a job you can tackle. Clean replacement parts are an important aspect of the installation, and the Ford F-100 fuel tank you need to do the job is available.

How does a fuel tank work?

Fuel tanks are essential to the functioning of any gas powered vehicle. Usually positioned between the axle and the back of the vehicle, most are either plastic, aluminum or steel. Whether plastic or steel, quality Ford tanks are designed to protect from flying rocks and almost anything you could run over on the highway. The fuel system for most vehicles is primarily made of the following parts:

  • Fuel pump - The fuel pump is the heart of your Ford F-100's fuel system. The fuel pump moves fuel from the fuel tank to the engine in much the same way as your heart pumps blood throughout your body.
  • Fuel lines - If the fuel pump is the heart of your Ford F-100's fuel system, the fuel lines would be the arteries. The fuel pump transmits fuel through fuel lines running into your engine.
  • Filter and injectors - The fuel injector sprays fuel in a fine mist into the intake manifold for combustion. This makes for more efficient burning than if the fuel were in droplet form.
  • Carburetor - This part is responsible for achieving the correct fuel-to-air ratio that's required for the operation of internal-combustion engines.
How do you replace a fuel tank?

Replacing your own Ford Pickup truck tank is possible if you have the safe space and ample room to work. You'll first need to drain the remaining fuel (regular or diesel) into a safe receptacle by loosening either the drain plug or removing a fuel line. Once the fuel has drained, remove all the fuel lines. Simple straps hold the tank into place. Depending on the dirt or rust, the straps could be difficult to remove. A lubrication might be needed. Drop the tank, dispose of it responsibly, and install the new tank in reverse order using clean lines and straps.

The itemized list of what you'll need to change Ford fuel tanks is as follows.

  • Fuel tank
  • New fuel lines
  • Clamps for fuel lines
  • Jack or other means of accessing underbelly safely
  • Safe storage unit for any gas remaining in tank
What safety precautions should you take when changing tanks?

Gasoline is stored in the tank, and as gasoline is highly combustible, you need to take some extra safety precautions before changing the tank. Space and time is essential as you can't do this work in cramped quarters in a hurry. Some other safety issues to remember in order to change your own tank are to work in a well-ventilated area, keep a fire extinguisher near, and make sure any potential sparks, pilot lights, or flame potential items are as far from your work area as possible.