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Chevrolet El Camino Fuel Tanks

The El Camino was introduced in 1964 as part of the classic Chevelle line. Like any other engine, the Chevrolet El Camino requires gasoline to power it, so you want your fuel tank in prime condition. Here are some tips to consider when looking for a new fuel tank for your pickup truck.

How can you find replacement El Camino fuel tanks?

Due to the extended length of time that the Chevrolet El Camino pickup truck was in production, replacement parts remain plentiful. For example, the first generation of the Chevy El Camino ran from 1959 to 1960 and the second generation from 1964 to 1987. You can find both original and aftermarket fuel tanks for your Chevrolet to keep it running. Original fuel tanks that are produced by Chevrolet are milled for specific fit and performance. Aftermarket fuel tanks that hold the CAPA certification are also guaranteed to fit and perform well. Choosing a tank that fits the year of production for your Chevrolet El Camino is the first step in upholding this guarantee.

What size fuel tank do you need?

The most common size is for 22 gallons for the standard El Camino and the SS model. Since the El Camino may be considered a muscle car, particularly the SS model, you may also choose an aftermarket tank that is designed to fit the size and shape available and accommodate more fuel.

What extra parts will the new fuel tank require?

The El Camino fuel tank needs everything humming with efficiency: fuel lines, straps for support, gaskets, and other fittings. The parts include everything to supplement the powertrain of your vehicle.

What materials will the new tank consist of?

A fuel tank is commonly made of galvanized steel with a powder-coated silver color on top. Steel is a versatile, durable material that can withstand dents without rupturing and is highly heat-resistant. The fittings can be oven brazed and the mounting plate yellow zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. Plastic fuel tanks are available in aftermarket vehicles. This is a light, flexible material that offers a lot of versatility.

When will you know that a tank needs replacing?

Several signs point you to fuel tank attention:

  • You notice a more frequent need to buy gas.
  • You notice a smell of gas.
  • You see spots on the blacktop where a leak dripped.
  • The age of your Chevrolet El Camino may suggest that it is time for a new fuel tank.