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Chevrolet Malibu Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump is an integral part of the fuel system in a vehicle. If your Chevrolet Malibu pump breaks, it prevents fuel from reaching the engine. Buying a pump to replace an old one can improve the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

What does a fuel pump do?

A fuel pump is required in many vehicles. It is what gets the fuel from the tank up to the fuel delivery system. Once the fuel reaches the internal combustion engine, the vehicle can perform properly. Some vehicles do not require a fuel pump because the design allows gravity to do everything needed to deliver the fuel. In a Chevrolet Malibu, a pump is an essential part.

What is an OEM part?

Parts that are manufactured specifically for a particular vehicle model and used at the factory are identified as OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. The brand that is OEM will ensure that it is the exact part used in building the vehicle. There are other brands as well, identified as aftermarket, that may also make parts that will fit the automobile.

Does the model year matter?

When you are shopping for a Chevrolet Malibu fuel pump, the model year of the automobile has to be known, due to the fact that there have been design changes over the years. You will need to identify the year to ensure that you buy a part that will fit the vehicle properly.

How do you install a fuel pump?

Installing a fuel pump involves a few steps. You will need to raise the vehicle in order to access the underside. There are bars that hold the fuel tank and pump in place. The fuel tank needs to be removed and the pump needs to be disconnected from the electrical components. From there, you can disconnect the fuel pump from the tank. The new pump then needs to be attached to the tank. You can then reverse the instructions to ensure that everything is connected once again. Lower the vehicle and then turn on the engine to test out the new pump.

What is included with a fuel pump assembly?

When you buy a fuel pump assembly, there may be a few parts included. This can ensure you change out all of the older parts when making a repair. Not all assemblies will have all of the same components, but there are a few standard ones, which are listed here:

  • Fuel pump
  • Electrical connectors
  • Wiring harness
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