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Fuel Pumps for Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a line of premium cars that has been built under the German car manufacturer Volkswagen since 1994. All the cars in the A4 series have an electric fuel pump that pumps high-octane gas through the injectors into the combustion chamber.

What is a fuel pump?

A fuel pump is an essential component of an automobile engine that pumps gasoline into the combustion chamber. In carbureted engines, low-pressure mechanical pumps mounted outside the gas tank are used. Cars with fuel injectors such as the A4 model have an electric pump located inside the tank. Suspending the pump inside the tank submerges it and helps in cooling the pump. This explains why it is recommended that the gas level in your tank should always be above the quarter-full mark.

How do pumps work in Audi A4?

As its name suggests, the electric pump in the Audi doesn’t just pump the gas to the combustion chamber. It also applies the high pressure needed to compress high-octane gasoline for it to ignite. This also ensures the injectors spray the gas into the combustion chamber as fine moist particles, which promotes economical consumption. The vehicle gets 37 MPG on highways, 27 MPG in the city, and an average of 33.5 MPG overall.

When the car is ignited, voltage is supplied to the pump. The motor inside the pump starts to rotate and generates pressure. Fuel is drawn into the pump and leaves through a one-way valve that also regulates the pressure when the pump is not spinning. The gas then runs through the gas rails on the engine through the injectors. The pump will continue to run as long as the engine is on. Excess gas is drained back to the tank through a return line.

How do you know that your pump is failing?

The Audi A4 is fitted with a high-pressure electric pump that is submerged in the tank and has supply and return lines. These parts are generally reliable; however that does not mean they can't fail at some point in time.

When they do fail, your vehicle will start developing issues such as reduced gas mileage, rising temperatures, difficulties when starting the car, and uncoordinated engine timing.

How do you fix faulty pumps on the Audi A4?

The process of replacing the pump should be done when your fuel tank is less than a quarter full. The replacement kit you use should include a fuel pump and other associated accessories.

  • The fuel tank is usually below the back seats and can be accessed by pulling them away. Proceed to remove the cover from the tank.
  • Note down all the connections on top of the tank, from the electrical connections to the supply and return lines. Disconnect them to unlock the tank, which now gives you access to the pump.
  • To remove the pump, use a screwdriver and a dead blow hammer to rotate it counterclockwise. After the part is unscrewed, lift it out of the tank.
  • Fit in the replacement pump and screw it into place, then replace all necessary connections as well as the fuel tank cover.