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Ford Explorer Fuel Injectors

A properly functioning fuel injector improves performance on the engine of a Ford Explorer. After installing a new and appropriate one, fuel should flow through the system much smoother and more efficiently.

What is the flow rate on injectors?

This rate refers to how fuel flows through the injector in the Ford. The flow rate should be the right level for the powerful engine in the Ford Escort, Mustang, or another model. Common rates with the Ford Explorer may be listed in the range of 15 lb/hr or 17 lb/hr. Such rates are much lower than would be the case for Ford racing rates. The horsepower on Ford racing models comes in much higher than would be the case with other Ford cars or trucks.

What are reconditioned Ford fuel injectors?

Certain Ford parts may note that are "reconditioned" injectors. Reconditioned fuel injectors are used ones that have been cleaned and improved to better working order. Reconditioned items are not simply used parts sold in a current used and worn condition. Restoration work has been performed to meet safety and reliability protocol.

What are O-rings on fuel injector?

In a Ford, these rings are designed to act as a seal. Specifically, they provide a seal in between the fuel injectors and the engine. Without the seal in place, fuel and related fuel vapors could find their way into the engine section. O-rings are quite powerful and must be, in order to withstand the pressures they are subjected to under the hood of the Ford. Rubber and polyurethane are two materials used to create these types of rings. O-rings also work like other rubber components in that they prevent two metal components from touching one another.

Are all fuel injectors compatible with every Ford?

No, not every Escort, Mustang, Explorer, and other Ford models come with the same style of engine or components. Therefore, they may require completely different fuel injectors. It is crucial to you and the health of your vehicle to check if the particular injection unit would be compatible with the model it is intended.

What are direct fit fuel injectors?

When the maker of the injector notes the "direct fit" feature, this means the item fits right into the Ford without any required adjustments or adapters. The item fits just like one direct from the factory would without any tweaks or extra work. Direct fit is ideal when it comes to finding a piece that can be replaced quickly.