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Ford Expedition Fuel Injectors

The Ford Expedition’s motor uses fuel injectors to get gasoline into its combustion chambers. When fuel injectors malfunction, it can mean poor fuel economy and engine timing. You can learn more about Ford Expedition fuel injectors here.

How do fuel injectors work?

Fuel injectors replaced carburetors in gasoline motors because of the need to improve efficiency and meet stricter air quality standards. Fuel injection has gone through several iterations as the technology has been refined for greater performance. Essentially, fuel injectors are nozzles that atomize gasoline with a precisely timed spray that injects fuel into the engine’s combustion chambers.

What types of fuel injectors are found in the Expedition?

A couple types of fuel injection techniques have been used in the Ford Expedition over the years. Depending on the engine in your Expedition, you should choose the injectors that match what it uses.

  • Multi-port fuel injectors: This system is found in earlier years of the Ford Expedition. MPFI sprays fuel into each intake port of the intake manifold.
  • Direct fuel injectors: This system is used in recent years of the Ford Expedition. Direct fuel injectors spray fuel directly into the combustion chambers at the precise time that each cylinder is in position to receive fuel. This is the most efficient way to deliver fuel to the engine developed thus far.
What are the signs that the injectors may be faulty?
  • Poor timing: Because the timing and amount of fuel sprayed into the chambers is crucial, you’ll notice the motor running poorly when something goes wrong. Bad timing will cause jerking at high speeds, misfiring, and rough idling. These symptoms may be intermittent at first and become constant as the problem gets worse.
  • Degraded fuel economy: If the injectors become clogged, they may cause the motor to not burn all the fuel they inject. If you notice your Expedition’s fuel efficiency drop, the fuel injectors may be a cause.
  • Surging: Another problem that can happen when fuel injectors add too much fuel is engine surging. This is when the engine accelerates too much or unexpectedly when you press the gas pedal.
What maintenance should be performed on fuel injectors?

Fuel injectors can be kept clean and unclogged by regularly adding cleaning agents to the fuel tank. These additives will clean the carbon residues that can build up on the injector nozzles. Repair shops also have specialized equipment that can diagnose fuel injector problems and give them a more thorough cleaning.