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Ford F-350 Fuel Filters

Fuel filters remove impurities from the diesel that your Ford F-350 engine uses for fuel. This ensures that your Ford pickup’s engine stays in good condition. You can find the right filters for your F-350 and learn more about them here.

What are the signs of a clogged filter?

When your F-350’s fuel filter begins to show signs of being clogged, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Here are a few of the signs:

  • Hard starts: It may take longer for the F-350 to start because it takes longer for fuel to begin flowing through the filter.
  • Sputtering and stalls at stops: Because the fuel that flows through the filter is too low at idle speeds, your truck may sputter and die when stopping.
  • Sluggish acceleration: The filter may also restrict fuel flow enough that the Ford F-350 will lose some of its power when accelerating.
How many fuel filters does the F-350 have?

There are two filters that keep the Ford F-350’s fuel clean. There is a small filter located under the hood that removes foreign matter from the fuel. A larger filter removes water from the diesel. This larger filter can be reached under the vehicle beneath the engine. Most filter products for your vehicle will include both filters along with replacement O-rings.

What tools are needed to replace the fuel filters?

Replacing the fuel filters on a Ford F-350 is not usually a complex job. Here is what you will want to have on hand:

  • A 36-millimeter socket and a 6-millimeter Allen wrench
  • A 24-millimeter socket or a half-inch drive ratchet
  • An oil pan
How are the fuel filters replaced on the Ford F-350?
  • Place the oil pan beneath the truck under the water-separating filter. Locate the Allen plug on the side of the filter and remove it using the 6-millimeter Allen wrench. Let the water and fuel drain out of the filter housing.
  • Using the 36-millimeter socket, take off the black end cap located toward the engine. Pull out the old filter and O-ring and dispose of them.
  • Snap in the new water-separating filter and install the new O-ring on the cap.
  • Install the cap and filter, tightening it with the 36-millimeter socket.
  • Replace the brass Allen plug.
  • Using the 24-millimeter socket, remove the end cap on the top of the fuel filter under the hood. Remove the old filter from the housing and the O-ring on the cap. Dispose of those used items.
  • Insert the fuel filter into the housing and install the new O-ring onto the end cap.
  • Replace the end cap and tighten it down with the 24-millimeter socket.
  • Bleed off air in the fuel system by turning the ignition of your F-350 into the run position several times without starting the truck.