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Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks come in packs that are portable and easy to eat. Each package is great for bringing with you when you're on the go, and they are also a popular addition to a bagged lunch. Thanks to the wide variety of flavors, you're sure to find the snack option that fits your needs.

What are the different flavors?

Any fruit you can think of, you can find it in fruit snack form. There are nearly a dozen, if not more, different flavors when it comes to these treats.

  • Strawberry: Strawberry is one of the most popular and standard choices when it comes to these snack packs and therefore will appeal to a wide variety of people.
  • Apple: These snacks are tangy and a good source of Vitamins A, C, and E. They're packed full of real fruit which additionally provides all sorts of nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Cherry: Cherry is a flavor that has been around for a while. It's a taste that will appeal to both children and adults.
  • Berry: This flavor is several fruits mixed together into one. Each mouthful has a different burst of flavor making it one that appeals to the masses.

What are the benefits?

Fruit snacks are a simple snack to stick in your lunchbox, stock in your pantry, or keep in your desk drawer. They have a very long shelf life; therefore you can buy the packs in bulk and save them for a while. Each package comes in a different size starting at 0.9 oz. and often going up to 5 oz. These snacks can be gluten-free, low in cholesterol, organic, and fat-free. Many kinds are filled with real juice and can be a good source of nutrition and vitamin C.

What is the appeal of fruit snacks?

Fruit snacks’ popularity has been increasing steadily over the years, mainly because the 0.9 and 2.25 oz. packs are an easy treat to add to your children’s lunchboxes. They have been a staple for years because many are made with fruit puree, which ensures that children get a treat that has some nutrition benefits and also packs a punch of delicious flavor. They also taste a lot like other popular chewy candies, which is another part of why they appeal to children. A 5 oz. bag of fruit snacks might contain about 12 grams of sugar and 90 calories, which is pretty good for a candy-like snack. All kids have different taste buds, and that's why fruit snacks are so appealing. They can find differently flavored treats that are also based off of their favorite characters from popular cartoons.

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