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Freestyle Diabetic Test Strips

Disposable blood glucose testing strips play a key role in managing diabetes. Testing blood sugar levels regularly reveals critical information that can be helpful to you and your doctor. Armed with that information, you can work on getting your diabetes symptoms under control.

What are FreeStyle Lite testing strips?

FreeStyle brand blood glucose testing units are an essential tool for testing blood glucose levels. FreeStyle Lite tester units are designed specifically and only for use with the several of the company's glucose monitoring systems. The units are to be used in conjunction with other testing tools, including a glucose meter, a lancing device, and lancets.

What are the different features of these testing strips?

A product of Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc., these FreeStyle testing units work with the company's portable meters. These meters have a special port for insertion of the testing strip. Freestyle Lite testing units have the following features or capabilities:

  • Sample size: Each piece requires a blood sample size of only 0.3 µL.
  • Patented tabs: Each unit has unique, patented ZipWik tabs. These tabs have a tapered design, and they work by breaking the surface tension of the blood sample.
  • Re-application: Users have up to 60 seconds to re-apply blood to the testing unit.
  • No coding necessary: The FreeStyle system, including the testing strips, does not require you to manually enter a code number, code strip, or chip into your meter to get results.
What is the chemical composition of FreeStyle blood glucose testers?

Each piece contains the following primary and secondary ingredients:

  • FAD Glucose Dehydrogenase (Aspergillus Oryzae) in an amount greater than or equal to 1.0 Unit.
  • Other Ingredients (Buffer, Mediator, Etc.) in an amount greater than or equal to 0.01 mg.
Are there special storage instructions for Lite testing strips?

The company recommends storing this product at room temperature to preserve quality. More specifically, consumers are instructed to keep the product at a temperature ranging between 40 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, or between 4 and 30 degrees Celsius.

How are these blood sugar strips packaged?

The product is packaged in units of 50 or 100. Consumers are advised to use the product prior to the date of expiration, which is printed on the package. Always refer to the expiration date before using the test strips, and do not use any strips that have already expired, as the result may be compromised.

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