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Free Country Down Coats and Jackets for Women

Free Country down coats and jackets for women provide warm outerwear for all types of activities, from work to play. Many sizes, colors, and designs are available in Free Country outerwear. There's a parka, vest, or jacket to meet most styles and tastes.

Where does the down for Free Country coats come from?

Down is not actually the feathers you see on geese or fowl. Free Country uses the fine fluffy undercoating that insulates the geese and ducks. This material fills the jackets without compacting and creating heavy spots in the coat. It washes easily and helps the coat retain its shape without compromising the comfort and warmth provided. Down does not retain moisture and helps create a breathable fabric that both regulates warmth and prevents moisture buildup.

How does the down increase the warmth of a coat?

Free Country uses down in women's coats to create a layer of insulation. The down provides tiny air pockets that act as the insulator, using the body's heat to help retain warmth, which can help keep the wearer comfortable. These tiny pockets also allow water vapor to escape, helping the body breathe to maintain a constant temperature. Down is compressible, making it a suitable insulator for women's coats and jackets.

How long can the down in the women's coat last?

Down has a reputation for being a long-lasting insulator and, when cared for, can last years. The material is easy to wash, strong, and retains its shape as opposed to most synthetic materials. It remains light and lofty for continual warmth and bounces back after each washing.

Are different types or grades of down used in coats?

There are three different grades of down and two different types that are used in Free Country women's coats. The heavier down is used for women's coats that tackle extreme weather conditions or long exposure, such as skiing and working outdoors in the winter. Middleweights are found in all other women's coats and jackets while a lighter down is sometimes used in combination with synthetic materials. Down itself is graded as follows:

  • High-loft goose down: This is known as the loftiest type of down frequently seen in high-end down coats, parkas, and jackets.
  • Standard goose down: A lofty filler that retains shape, this down is used in some down jackets, vests, and down coats.
  • Duck down: Not as lofty as goose down; this is a good insulator and more accessible.
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