Your Complete Guide to Franklin Mint Collectibles

If you love collecting, then you need to take a look at the wide variety of collectibles available from Franklin Mint. Many will make beautiful accessories in your home to showcase your interest to others. Other Franklin Mint collectibles may make the perfect gift for someone special.

Some categories of Franklin Mint collectibles

There are many different categories of Franklin Mint collectibles that might be available including:

  • Dolls: Usually standing between 19-inches and 22-inches tall, designers at Franklin Mint usually dress their dolls elaborately. You can find affordable dolls from different historical periods along with dolls representing Hollywood's leading ladies.
  • Collectible plates: Many different subjects have been portrayed on Franklin Mint collectible plates, including animals, nature, NASCAR, and many others.
  • Statues and figurines: Pewter, bronze, ceramic, and many other types of statues and figurines may be available ranging from military vehicles to animals.
  • Die-cast vehicles: Ships, planes, and vintage vehicles may all be available.
  • Coins and medals: Gold and silver commemorative money and medals may be available along with collectible coins and world money.
The Franklin Mint collectible plate artists

The first artist to have his work portrayed on a Franklin Mint collectible plate was Normal Rockwell in 1970. Since that time, many artists have had their work appear on these plates including:

  • James Auckland: This New Zealand-based artist created several plates for The Franklin Mint, including baseball plates featuring Dizzy Dean, Babe Ruth, and Whitey Ford.
  • David Penfound: This United Kingdom-based artist created several Franklin collectible plates, including ones featuring Native American themes.
  • Cassandra Graham: This Ohio-based artist has created several collectible plates for the Franklin Mint, including ones featuring Western United States native species.
  • Thomas Kinkade: Franklin Mint has recreated several of his snowy scenes onto collector's plates.
  • Robert Tanenbaum: Known for his movie poster art, this artist has created a series of plates for Franklin Mint featuring John Wayne.
How do you value Franklin Mint porcelain dolls?

If you want to start a collection of Franklin Mint porcelain dolls, like their Heritage Doll Collection, then you need to consider several different factors. You can easily find low-price porcelain dolls from The Franklin Mint and pricier ones having more value. Consider the condition of the doll to make sure there are no chips or missing paint. Look for any signs that someone has repaired the doll. Find out if all the parts are there, including original box and packing materials. Finally, make sure that the doll looks like the original dolls because other companies often made similar looking dolls.

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