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Make Mealtime Spectacular With Franciscan China

Those who enjoy entertaining and preparing home-cooked meals may enjoy using Franciscan dinnerware. These pieces can add ambiance to nearly any meal, and are attractive enough to complement almost any kitchen décor.

Determining the age of Franciscan dishes and accessories

The Franciscan name dates to 1875 and was originally known as Franciscan Pottery. In 1936, the company rebranded its kitchen products line as Franciscan Ware. Accordingly, most vintage Franciscan plates will probably be labeled as Franciscan Ware, although a few might also contain the Franciscan Pottery logo. More modern pieces could even be labeled as Interpace Corporation, which is the company that eventually purchased Franciscan Ware.

Benefits of Franciscan earthenware

Most affordable Franciscan dishes are earthenware pieces. Earthenware is made from clay that has been fired at a very low temperature and then painted or glazed. Accordingly, Franciscan earthenware is made from a natural material and is therefore safe for storing, preparing, and serving food. Earthenware is a very durable material that will withstand a great deal of use and is easy to wash by hand or in a dishwasher. It is also less expensive than ceramic or fine china, meaning that you may be able to purchase Franciscan dinnerware even if you are on a very tight budget. You can use earthenware for a variety of purposes, to include heating up food in the oven or a microwave.

Popular styles of Franciscan china

Franciscan dishes come in multiple patterns; however, a few have become trademarks of the company. One is their desert rose pattern, which features soft pink roses that have a yellow center and are surrounded by deep green leaves. The apple pattern has what appear to be branches of an apple tree with a piece of fruit dangling from it. Franciscan apple pieces are also trimmed in brown. The autumn leaf and October leaves patterns are both characterized by multicolored leaves on a white background.

What should you look for when buying new or used eBay Franciscan dinnerware?

If you are a new collector, you may wish to purchase an entire set of Franciscan plates to ensure you have enough. However, if you already own Franciscan dishes, you might want to add a few supplemental pieces such as a butter dish or mixing bowls. Either way, you should look for items that have few if any chips or scratches. Try to determine the age of your Franciscan plates if possible. Older ones may cost slightly more, but are also more valuable.

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