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Perfume is available for men and women in a variety of different fragrances. It's important to navigate the various scents and brands to find one that suits your personal style. Shop eBay to find a fragrance or a full set that will satiate your senses.

How to navigate the perfume brands

There are a lot of different perfume brands on the market. Some are specifically in the fragrance business while others are released from top fashion designers. There have also been plenty of celebrities, including actors, singers, and athletes, who have worked with brands to release their own perfumes or colognes to their fans. When you are looking to wear a fragrance, start with a name that's familiar to you. Then, look to see what the main notes are of the fragrance to see if you're interested.

What selection options need to be made for perfume?

Choosing a perfume is easier when you know more about what you're looking for. There are a few options to consider as you shop on eBay.

  • Gender: Decide if you want a fragrance for men, women, or unisex. Unisex fragrances can be worn by both men and women.
  • Type of scent: Consider what type of scent you want lingering on your body.
  • Size of bottle: You can find bottles that range from trial size to 5 ounces or larger.
  • Type of product: The most common perfumes include eau de toilette and eau de parfum, with the latter being a higher concentrated smell.
What are some of the most common fragrances?

You will find many notes within fragrances. Knowing what the main note is will make it easier for you to narrow down the possibilities.

  • Fruity: Fruity notes include mango, pomegranate, and other fresh fragrances.
  • Floral: These notes focus on roses, carnation, jasmine, or other types of flowers.
  • Woody: Also known as musky, many of these notes include patchouli, cedar, or sandalwood.
  • Citrus: These notes are energetic and include lemon, tangerine, orange, or even bergamot.
The benefits of choosing preowned perfume bottles

When you're searching for a fragrance to wear, a preowned perfume bottle on eBay may be a good solution. A partially used bottle can be more affordable. With less in the bottle, it gives you a chance to test it out to see if you like the fragrance. Remember, fragrances react differently on everyone, so it may take a few bottles to find the one that you like for yourself.