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Forklift Batteries

Routine maintenance of industrial equipment, such as a forklift or lift truck, keeps your machinery in an all-systems-go mode. Sometimes, a simple water level check or a needed charge keeps yourforklift battery at full power. Manufacturersdesign these larger batteries to run at least 8 hours at a time and require heavier loads of on-demand current. When battery life nears its end, you can consider reconditioning it or purchase new forklift batteries. To make your job easier when shopping for a replacement on eBay, consider these helpful tips.

What Considerations Are Most Important When Buying a Forklift Battery?

  • Voltage: Double the total number of cells in your forklift battery to determine the correct number of volts. For example, if it has 12 cells, you need a 24-volt battery. Also, review your owner's manual to review other important specifications prior to making a purchase.
  • Compartment Dimensions: If the original battery that came with your electric forklift truck is discontinued, jot down the compartment's weight, height, and length to make sure the new one fits in the space. If the compartment doesn't have a cover, you should purchase one to protect your forklift batteries from inclement weather, such as rain or snow.
  • EE or EX Battery: If you use your forklift in a hazardous area around or near flammable materials, electrical components must be enclosed. This prevents sparking at the battery connectors that could cause a fire or become a fire hazard to users and anyone standing close to thebattery. In hazardous environments, an EE or EX rated battery is considered mandatory equipment.

What Else Contributes to Efficient Use of a Forklift Battery?

  • Proper Forklift Battery Charger: The voltage capacity of your forklift battery should match that of the charger. Therefore, a 24-volt model needs a charger with a matching voltage. Equally important is that they have the same amp hourratings. The model number of your forklift battery displays cells, amps per cell, and plates. Use the formula of "plates minus cells divided by amps per cell" to determine the correct amp hour rating that complements your forklift battery.
  • New Battery Charger Cables: A new forklift battery is of little value if you can't charge it again and again. Frayed charger cables damaged due to heat and long-term use should always be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Plus, they're a safety hazard and cause downtime on the job.
  • Clean the Battery: Any spilled acid should be cleaned up immediately because the residue causes corrosion, which decreases the battery's lifespan.
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