Who is Henry Ford?

For over 100 years, the name Henry Ford remains famous worldwide. Before it became the Ford Motor Company, Henry started the Henry Ford Company in 1901. He left that company with the rights to his name in 1902 and started the company currently known as "Ford" in 1903. Ford had an obsession with economies of scale, which allowed him to offer the Model T at a lower price than other cars on the market. Ford liked to say the Model T "is available in any color you want, as long as it is black".

Did Ford invent the assembly line?

Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line, but he did utilize it. He is given credit for being the inventor because he was the first automaker to use the moving assembly line. Due to this ingenious work environment, he was able to mass produce and mass distribute cars to the working class. He made it affordable for everyone to own a car.

What are some popular Ford vehicles?

  • Ford Model T - In 1914, Ford built 300,000 Model Ts, which was 100,000 more than the rest of the auto industry thanks to the moving assembly line.
  • Ford Thunderbird - In response to the release of Chevrolet Corvette, Ford released the 1954 Thunderbird.
  • Ford Mustang - On the flipside, after Ford came out with the Mustang, Chevy had to come out with their own "pony car," so they released the Camaro.
  • Ford F-150 - For over 35 years the F-150 has been Ford's best selling vehicle. However, the F-Series started back in 1948.

What types of vehicles carry the Ford name?

  • Automobile - Name a type of car, and Ford makes it: compact, mid-size, hybrid, SUV, and crossover. In addition, you get your family size vans and road ready performance vehicles.
  • Trucks - You pick a truck size, and Ford will deliver it, whether it is a small, front-wheel-drive trucks or a large super duty, 4-wheel drive, extended cab trucks.
  • Commercial - Cargo vans and chassis cabs and cutaways make your business life easier.
  • Tractors - It isn't just road vehicles that carry the Ford name; many farm equipment products are proud manufactures of the Ford Motor Company.