Everything You Need to Know When Replacing Wheels and Tires for Your Ford F150 Truck

The Ford F150 truck is a durable vehicle, but you may notice a difference in how it rides when you have worn tires. When your tires are worn, you will notice a change in the truck’s handling and braking capabilities. Read on to find out everything you need to know when getting new or preowned Ford F150 factory wheels and tires on eBay.

Choose the size

The size of your truck’s tires, wheels, and F150 rims has an impact on the way the vehicle rides. If you plan to go off-roading on a regular basis, then you should choose heavy-duty Ford F150 wheels and tires that are at least 35 inches in diameter. For extreme off-roading, you want to choose a Ford F150 wheels and tires package that is at least 37 inches in diameter. It also helps to choose the proper tread pattern for the type of terrain you will be riding on.

A muddy terrain needs a more aggressive tread pattern than what is required for riding on a wilderness floor. Truck drivers should look for two common things when replacing wheels:

  • Wheel type
  • Wheel material

However, it is a good rule of thumb to keep the same type and size that originally came on the truck.

What materials to choose for F150 wheels?

You want to choose Ford F150 tires and wheels that are manufactured from quality materials. Several layers of materials are used to make tires, which makes them durable for riding on rough trails. However, choosing materials for wheels are a little more complex.

Alloy and steel are the main materials used to make wheels. If you are planning to do a lot of off-roading, then you may want to choose steel wheels. This activity requires durable Ford F150 rims that can withstand heavy loads and constant impacts. On the other hand, alloy wheels come in a variety of designs and are made from lightweight aluminum material. This type of wheel is good for heavy-duty braking and riding at high speeds.

Consider fuel economy

When buying wheels and tires, you must consider fuel economy. Going up in tire size can increase your gas mileage. If you buy a tire from a different manufacturer than the original one, then it can also increase fuel economy. Many truck drivers choose a quality all-season tire. When making this purchase, it helps to find the right balance of load-bearing capabilities and ride quality.

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