Ford Mustang: One of the Most Famous Cars in History

Aesthetically pleasing and fun to drive, the Ford Mustang was an instant hit the moment the vehicle hit the market in 1964. While this auto was popular from the outset, one of the reasons it became so famous was its use in popular movies at the time. An appearance in the James Bond film Goldfinger got the American public very interested in the Mustang, and it remains an American legend to this day. Still manufactured as of 2018 with 2019 models already releasing, there are many Ford Mustang makes and models to choose from, from vintage to pre-owned to brand new, from GT types to convertible types, to coupes. Learn about the benefits of owning this famous auto, as well as what different models are available.

Different Ford Models Throughout the Years

Some of the more iconic models of Ford are the vintage vehicles, often used in films and television shows. Perhaps one of the most popular models is the Shelby GT350, which at the time was approved by the Sports Car Club of America. From this moment on, the Ford Mustang GT would remain a top choice for car owners throughout the ensuing decades. While older models are perhaps best for vintage collecting, there are many models that fit the bill for a daily driver. Some of the most popular models, arranged by year, are listed below:

  • GT350 
  • GT500
  • Mustang Cobra II
  • Mustang SVO
  • Warrior Mustang 

There have been many other variants throughout the years; often, Ford would partner with other countries, racers, or carmakers (such as their popular collaboration with Shelby) to produce different types of Mustangs. 

Why is a Mustang Popular?

Besides vintage car collecting, what are the top reasons that make a Mustang popular? There are quite a few:

  • Models are aesthetically balanced: Known as muscle cars throughout the 1960's, modern models still offer a race-car feel that's fun to drive. 
  • Affordable: These American-made cars don't come with the higher prices of imported cars. Also, when your vehicle needs repair, as all do, American-made cars are more reasonable and economical to repair. 
  • Fits many needs: A GT, while it may look flashy and fun, is a great family car that can easily sit more than two passengers. Roomy enough for a family, most Mustang models also do well as daily commuters or daily drivers.
  • Driving options: You'll still find manual transmission options when it comes to these cars, offering you more options. Look for six-speed transmissions or full automatic, depending on your comfort level.
  • Customizable: This Ford has always been known for its ease of customization. Add spoilers, lower the car, or perform body work to truly make it yours. 
  • Conversation piece: Owning a vintage model, or even a newer one, allows you to find friends with similar automotive interests. You can also take your car to local car shows and display it for others to see.

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