A Buyer's Guide to Classic Ford Model A Cars

The Ford Model A is an iconic piece of Americana. This classic car, built from 1927 to 1931, replaced the Model T and was renowned during its time. Almost 4 million Model A's were sold. There are many different Model A body types on the market, and there are several things collectors should look for when shopping for a Model A Ford for sale.

Body Type

The Ford Model A had several different body types, so you have a lot of options. A few body types evoke a sense of classic Americana, while others seem more practical. Here are a few popular models you might see while shopping for a Model A.

  • The Business Coupe - This body type features the classic long engine compartment at the front of a two-person passenger compartment.
  • The Deluxe Roadster - On this flashy version of the Model A, the curves of the body lean forward slightly, creating a sense of speed. Additionally, the Roadster came with a convertible roof.
  • The Pickup - These models have a truck bed in the back. Also, they have been customized to suit particular businesses' needs. You might see some with flatbeds, while others may have enclosed the beds. Some may have a closed cabs, while others feature open cabs.
  • Sedans - There are several sedan style models in the line. These models feature two rows of seats but no trunk space.
  • Station Wagons - The Model A helped usher in the station wagon. Station wagon models feature three rows of seats.
What should you look for when shopping for a Model A?

The Model A is an antique vehicle, so you need to be careful when shopping. Here are some things to factor into your decision:

  • Body condition - When you find a Ford Model A for sale, the first thing you should inspect is the exterior. Is there a lot of rust? Are there are a many dings and dents? Your car will probably require some work, but excessive rust is a major warning sign unless you're a hardcore car restorer.
  • Does it run? - An inoperable car is not a deal-breaker for most collectors, but knowing how well the internals work is helpful for any restoration project. When you look at Model A Fords for sale on eBay, check to see how well the car runs.
  • The title - Let's say you find the perfect Model A for you. If you're ready to buy the car, there's still one step. Make sure the car has a free and clear title because you must be able to register it in your name.

Collecting vintage vehicles can be a rewarding hobby. Now that you know what to look for, you can have fun finding the Model A of your dreams.

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