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Ford Car and Tuck Camshafts, Lifters, and Parts

The camshaft is a vital part of the internal combustion engine. It helps to regulate the amount of fuel that enters the engine and the fumes that leave it. If you need to replace the camshaft or lifters in your Ford vehicle, then these parts can help you complete the process.

How does the camshaft work?

The purpose of the camshaft is to open and close the valves, which control the quantity and the timing of fuel entering and leaving the cylinders. On most overhead engines, the camshaft is composed of a long shaft and a series of lobes. As the camshaft rotates, the lobes close the valves, and springs return them to their original position. The timing of the camshaft must be synced perfectly with the stroke of the pistons, so the cylinders will be closed during the compression phase and opened during the intake and exhaust phases. The camshaft is designed to last for a long time, but due to the amount of stress it constantly endures, it may eventually wear down. If there is a problem with the camshaft, the timing of the engine will be off. You may experience frequent stalling, rough idling, a reduction in fuel economy, slow acceleration, a drop in RPMs, or general poor engine performance. You should have it replaced immediately.

What are the main types of camshafts?

The two main types of camshafts are the single overhead cams and the double cams. The latter type has separate cams for the intake and exhaust ports. It is commonly used on engines with at least four valves per cylinder. Camshafts are also divided between solid lifters and hydraulic lifters. The lifters help determine the amount of clearance between the valves and the camshaft to reduce pounding and wear that the parts endure. Hydraulic lifters have a plunger and spring to maintain zero clearance. They help to compensate for thermal expansion that occurs during combustion. Solid lifters, on the other hand, require regular adjustments to maintain a small clearance. Different types of camshafts are only designed to fit in certain engines, so before purchasing any replacement parts, you should check to make sure that the new camshaft is compatible with the make, model, and year of your vehicle. If you are unsure about what type of camshaft is right for your car or truck, then you should try to buy a stock part based on the recommendations of your original equipment manufacturer.

Is it possible to upgrade the camshaft?

Yes, installing a new high-performance camshaft will change how your engine runs. Even modifying small characteristics of the camshaft, such as the amount of lift it has, can result in large improvements to the fuel economy, emissions regulation, and the overall performance of your Ford vehicle. Upgrades are sometimes done for racing, off-road driving, towing or transporting heavy objects, and other high-performance applications. High-performance camshafts are commonly made with billet steel. However, your vehicle may not be able to fully take advantage of a high-performance camshaft unless you have made other modifications to your engine to reduce potential performance bottlenecks.