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What Types of Cookbooks Can You Find?

More than 35,000 different cookbooks are available to chefs, so it can be challenging to find the right one. The oldest example of a cookbook still in existence is the Yale culinary tablets, dating from about 1700 BC. One way to decide which cookbook meets your needs the best is to consider the type of recipe you want to use.

Special diet recipe books

Many special books on cooking for special diets and eating styles have changed the way we eat. Types include:

  • Vegetarian and vegan cookbooks – Recipes without meat, and, in some cases, recipes that do not use any ingredients that come from animals, are featured in this style of cooking.
  • Paleo cookbooks – These recipes, include ingredients that could be obtained by hunting or gathering.
  • Gluten-free cookbooks - This diet, involves cooking from recipes that avoiding wheat and some other grains by substituting others that provide good nutrition.
  • Low-carbohydrate cookbooks – Recipes in these books are likely to focus on lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables.
  • Mediterranean cookbooks– These books offer recipes that use many vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nut and seeds.
  • Keto cookbook - Recipes found in Keto cookbooks are high in fats, low in carbohydrates, and usually moderate in proteins.
Do all recipe books require cooking skills?

No, you can find easy cooking recipes that require no previous experience in the kitchen. These are perfect for beginners who are just learning to cook. Likewise, if you are trying to eat healthier, then you can find healthy cooking recipes in books.

Are there cookbooks featuring one type of food?

Yes, you can find many types of books that feature just one type of food, including:

  • Bread recipes – Books contain many different types of bread recipes, including sourdough, biscuits, French, and quick breads
  • Soup recipes - Books featuring recipes for all types of soups and stews, including Italian wedding, chicken noodle, bean, cabbage, and carrot varieties.
  • Meat recipes – Books featuring recipes for beef, pork, chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey, and many others
  • Dessert recipes- Books featuring pies, cakes, puddings, and candies along with many others
  • Appetizers - Books featuring crab, lobster, shrimp, cheese sticks, and many others to be served ahead of a main meal
  • Potatoes - Books featuring different ways to prepare potatoes for yourself and your family.
Do all cookbooks have the same format?

No, you can find books containing recipes in many different formats. You can find hardcover books with fantastic photography in them that showcase each preparation step. Some of these books are designed to be left on coffee tables instead of being used in the kitchen. Often, paperback cookbooks are among the cheapest books with recipes, and you can find many different types available. Some cooks prefer ring- or wire-bound books because they are easier to keep open to the recipe that they are preparing. You can also find digital books that you can download onto your smartphone or other electronic device.