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Fog and Driving Lights for Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica fog lights come in a variety of different styles. Different sorts of bulbs can be used to illuminate fog lights. Cleaning them regularly helps to maximize the Celica's security and safety.

What styles of fog lights are there?

Toyota Celica car fog lights come in a variety of different styles. There are individualized, factory, and projector models.

  • Individualized lights come with a variety of options for bezel and lens shades. Some are light and clear while others are tinted various shades of grey. This yields multiple possible combinations for fog light looks.
  • Factory fog lights are often tinted yellow or clear. They are available in a variety of different shapes and silhouettes for different models and years of the Toyota Celica.
  • Projector lights for the Toyota Celica include LEDs, DRLs, and halo lights. These are all intended to focus light so that it shines especially brightly and illuminates terrain further than usual from a Toyota. This can be helpful especially if you are driving in unfamiliar areas or in poor weather with significant fog or precipitation. LED models refer to the type of bulb utilized. Toyota Celica DRL models utilize a bar shape to narrow the light while halo versions utilize a ring around the middle of the fog light.
What types of bulbs are utilized?

LED, halogen, and incandescents are all options for the Toyota Celica. Incandescent bulbs are considered standard and emit a yellowish hued light. LED lights burn whiter and brighter. They last for a long time and are relatively energy efficient. Halogen lights utilize a quartz center to house a filament and burn very brightly.

How do you clean fog lights?

Fog lights are typically cleaned as a matter of regular car washing. However, if you encounter a large amount of debris or grime and need to wash fog lights separately, mix a solution of warm water and soap. Apply the solution with a sponge to the vehicle's fog lights and rub gently until they are clean. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth. If hard water spots appear on your fog lights, mix a paste of three parts baking powder with one part vinegar. Apply it and wait until it dries before rinsing it off.

What is the difference between driving lights and headlights?

Fog lights sit low on the front of the Celica in order to illuminate foggy or hazy conditions from underneath. Headlights illuminate head-on, which can cause glare in inclement weather, particularly when precipitation is involved. Fog lights are typically also smaller than headlights and may use orange or yellow lenses to make light appear differently than bright white. This can also help to reduce glare.