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Fog/Driving Lights for Toyota 4Runner

See right through fog and mist with a set of fog or driving lamps lighting your path. Made for a variety of uses and situations, driving lights and fog lights come through when your regular headlights fall short. Working in tandem with your regular bulbs, fog or driving lights can help you stay between the lines.

What’s the difference between fog lights and driving lights?

You can use driving lights alone, but most models work to their full potential when used in concert with your vehicle's regular and high-beam lamps. In contrast to the rounded beams cast by regular headlights, driving lights cast a rectangular-shaped beam capable of illuminating objects well in the distance, even in low-visibility conditions. While of value in foggy weather, you should avoid shining these beams when other vehicles approach from the front.

Car makers design fog lights to give drivers some visibility during the thickest fog. The beams produced by these lights are narrower and flatter than regular lights and driving lights. These lights also tend to mount lower on the bumper, focusing their beams toward the road surface itself. Properly employed, these devices can give you enough visual information to stay on the road.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a number that describes the color of light. For example, the color of candlelight differs from the color of the sun at high noon. Thus, candlelight has a different color temperature than sunlight, which is 1850 Kelvin (K) as opposed to 6000K for sunlight.

What’s the color temperature of different types of lights?

Knowing the color temperature of the bulbs that interest you is important. Depending on weather conditions, different headlight colors affect your visibility in different ways.

  • Halogen lights come in around 3000K. They project soft colors that work well in overcast, wet, and foggy road conditions. These features make halogens well-suited for fog lights.
  • Xenon bulbs weigh in from around 4300-5000K. Also called high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, xenon bulbs work well in dark conditions, especially when embedded in projector-casings. These bulbs also provide enhanced durability.
  • LED bulbs come in variable color temperatures. The lower numbers indicate warmer colors, and the higher numbers predict more intense colors. For example, if you prefer using brighter lights after dark, a good choice would be an LED in the 4000K range. If you like less intensity, a 2700K light does the task.