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Cadillac CTS Car and Truck Fog and Driving Lights

The Cadillac CTS is a mid-size, luxury car that entered the market in 2002 for the 2003 model year. Fog and driving lights for Cadillac CTS are both necessary and useful for the Cadillac CTS driver in providing visibility in snow, fog, and heavy rain. You can find a variety of replacement Cadillac CTS car and truck fog and driving lights to choose from.

How do you find the bulb size for replacements?

You can consult the Cadillac CTS owner's manual to find bulb size or you can remove the bulb that you wish to replace and check it for size information. The size will either be printed directly on the glass or on the metal housing.

What are halos?

Halos are a style that features a luminescent ring that goes around the perimeter of the light assembly. These are mainly an aesthetic choice and may be found on many models of luxury vehicles like the Cadillac CTS. Halo fog lights function in the same way as conventional ones, but due to the eye-catching halo element, they add to the visibility of the car at night and in inclement weather.

What are the differences between factory and custom fog lights?

As the name would suggest, factory assemblies manufactured by aftermarket providers are designed to mimic the original Cadillac light assemblies and install without any modifications to the body panels or electrical system. Custom fog lights are can be obtained from aftermarket manufacturers in many different styles and give the Cadillac owner more choice in the look of their vehicle. However, these may require alterations to be made to the body panels and electrical systems to fit and function properly.

What are the benefits of LEDs?
  • LEDs can burn continuously for tens of thousands of hours without needing to be replaced. It is likely that the LED will last for as long as the vehicle itself.
  • LEDs allow the fog lights to come up immediately to full brightness.
  • The illumination created by LEDs is bright white, providing clear visibility in adverse conditions.
  • Energy requirements for LED bulbs are minimal, which translates into a negligible drain on your Cadillac's battery.
What are the benefits of using halogens?
  • They have been on the market for exterior vehicle lighting for a long time and are readily found.
  • Installation of replacement halogen bulbs in fog lights that originally took them from the factory is simple. You need only to remove the old part and insert the replacement one into the socket.
  • Special coatings are can be found that give Cadillac CTS drivers some choice on how they want their fog lights to look when both on and off. Blue coatings turn the yellow-tinted light bright white and chrome coatings give the fog light assembly a custom, uniform appearance when the lights are not in use.