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BMW Z3 Car and Truck Fog and Driving Lights

Fog lights are used to help see when driving through dangerously foggy areas. Although they help when driving through a misty environment, they can also work when the visibility is limited. These headlights are entirely different than standard headlights lights. BMW Z3 car and truck fog and driving lights are a necessity, especially for individuals who live in hilly areas or in areas with a lot of inclement weather.

How do fog lights work?

There are times when it's nearly impossible to navigate the road even with high beams on. These lights were created to provide what is described as a low-mount light source that reflects off the road. The illumination is low and fans into a wide thin beam in front of the car. The driving lights also prevents precipitation of all types from being reflected back into the driver's eyes.

What is the difference between front and rear fog lights?
  • Front fog driving lights: The front fog lamps will increase the driver's range of visibility. With regular high beams, you may not be able to distinguish objects in visually dense conditions.
  • Rear fog driving lights: These lights are positioned at the rear of the vehicle signals individuals of a car's presence. The rear lamps are on a separate circuit. These are not standard in your BMW Z3 unless it was made in Europe, where these lamps are more commonly found on vehicles.
What are the different types of fog lights?

There are three different types of these lights that have different lighting. They were created to help with driving through hazardous conditions with very little visibility. These are the three types:

  • LED fog lights: LEDs are used to brighten the lamps. The lens is designed to keep the light low. LEDs have a long lifespan and are energy efficient. They provide adjustable degrees of light and whiteness.
  • HID fog Lights: Also known as High Intensity Discharge, is ignited by electrical charges. The main advantage is that it produces a wide beam pattern. They also enhance the look of your vehicle. These fog lights should be replaced at regular intervals.
  • Halogen fog Lights: These are the earliest used lamps. They are labeled h2, H2, and H3. They are bright white in color and the difference can even be seen during the daytime. Halogens are insensitive to vibration, which provides more consistency if driving on rough roads or off-road. They are also available in a variety of colors including yellow to white, bright white, ultra white, and blue.