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Fobus Gun Holsters

When carrying your pistol, you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing your gun holsters. If you want to conceal your weapon, it's important to pick a material that is comfortable, durable, and not detectable. Other things to consider include where you'll be carrying your Fobus gun holsters as well as how much time you need to draw.

What is Kydex?

If you want to carry a light, thin piece for the purpose of concealed carrying, Kydex will conceal the gun nicely. It is designed to be thinner, lighter, and more durable than leather. This material is also resistant to water, providing a sense of security for both the holster and the gun if caught in the rain. This type of material in Fobus holsters will resist exterior scratches while the reduced friction helps to prevent damage from the interior. Finally, a Fobus featuring Kydex will resist the gun design from being imprinted onto the holster.

What is a Fobus paddle holster?

While a belt can be worn, this style of Fobus holsters does not require a belt or other special accessories to wear. It is a flat piece, shaped like a paddle and meant to be worn inside your waistband. The Fobus paddle model is designed to keep this compact holster in its place when the pistol is pulled. This is a result of a large amount of surface area. Other benefits include the holster being:

  • Comfortable: The large surface area prevents the pistol from rubbing against your skin, providing a comfortable fit.
  • Flexible: Fobus paddle holsters can be put on and removed quickly. This saves time and makes them flexible enough for a variety of applications.
  • Effective: The model will provide extra concealment when carrying, allowing you to wear suits and other clothes with a tighter fit.
Where are Fobus holsters made?

Fobus holsters are manufactured in Israel. Each Fobus will clearly state "Made in Israel." If your Fobus holster does not contain this statement or states "Made in China," you will know it is a counterfeit item. The statement of manufacture in Israel will be on the right side of your holster, just under the statement "Patent Pending."

How do you determine the authenticity of a Fobus holster?

In addition to the statement of being manufactured in Israel, other methods of determining a counterfeit Fobus holster includes:

  • Extruding holster: The paddle should fit closely right on your hip and not have a protrusion from the holster arm to the paddle.
  • Missing logo: A legitimate compact product will have a metal strip for reinforcement. This strip will have the name "Fobus" stamped on it.
  • Extra letters: Fake models will have "RH" before the serial number. Legitimate models will not feature these letters. They will only have the serial number.
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