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Your Guide to Buying Fluke Test Multimeters

The Fluke brand provides many variations of digital multimeters. Choosing your next digital test tool requires the right information. Here is everything you need to know before buying a Fluke test multimeter on eBay.

How do you choose which model of Fluke multimeter?

The Fluke multimeter functions mainly to measure resistance and meter voltage. The advanced models of the Fluke multimeter come with duty circle, frequency, pressure, temperature, and humidity measurement functions. Choosing the right multimeter for you depends on which functions you need for your work. Here are the three main functions a Fluke test multimeter serves:

  • Testing for basic electrical systems: Fluke designed the Fluke 113, 114, 115, 116 to perform CAT III-level jobs involving field service, HVAC, or basic electrical testing. The 175, 177, and 179 was designed for CAT IV jobs.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of moderate to advanced systems: the Fluke 87V was designed to reduce the risks of surges and spikes with a dc accuracy of 0.2% when used in residential and commercial work, utilities and industrial, automotive, and hazardous facilities.
  • Development and engineering of high-level systems: Fluke designed the Advanced readers Fluke 287 and 289 for handheld and field use, to provide full-featured reading to solve problems for plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment.
  • Bench use: The Fluke 8808A and 8845A are both designed with ranges up to 1000V dc and 750 V ac, as well as with dual displays and multiple connectors. Bench meters are extremely precise and can handle high-demand environments and systems.
Which Fluke multimeter should you buy for HVAC?

The Fluke 116 is a full-featured digital HVAC meter. You can use this to measure temperature, microamps, and troubleshoot all HVAC-related problems and sensors. The LED backlight helps you see and work in areas with poor lighting, and it has a one-handed operation design.

Which Fluke multimeter should you choose for automotive testing?

The Fluke 88V is designed for electrical troubleshooting with automotive systems. The Fluke 88V is designed for both conventional and hybrid systems and has conductance for coil testing, a built-in thermometer, a magnetic hanger for easy viewing, and peak min/max for measuring fluctuations as brief as 250 microseconds.

Is there a Fluke multimeter with Bluetooth or wireless capability?

The Fluke 3000 FC series of multimeters give you the ability to connect to your smartphone so you can measure, test, and troubleshoot from your mobile device. You can use this for CAT IV and 1000V CAT III environments and work from your laptop. You can remotely monitor circuit load changes and other readings and logged data in proximity without the need for hands-on collection.

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