Florida Residential Real Estate for Sale by Owner

Florida Residential Real Estate for Sale by Owner

Whether youre already a resident of the Sunshine State or are looking to move to the area, you can start finding homes as soon as possible. From listings featuring studio floor plans as well as larger properties with multiple bedrooms and baths, there are residential homes for sale for any size of family. Take a look around and see where your next home will be in the beautiful southeastern state of Florida.

What are the benefits of buying FSBO real estate homes?

There are benefits for both the buyer and current resident of a home being sold by the owner. You work directly with the owner of the property, allowing you to talk to the person who intimately knows the home as well as local streets and the region. In addition, the person selling their property has a high level of motivation for the transaction to be completed. This helps reduce delays after your offer is accepted, allowing you to take possession of the residence as soon as possible.

Are there listings for investment houses?

You may find a listing for a home made available to be sold in Ocala, Naples, or other parts of the state for an investment home. These listings and sales could possibly indicate the residence may need some additional work performed on it. They may also be in excellent shape but been abandoned by the previous owner. As a result, this can cause their lender to be highly motivated to remove the house from their books. If youre familiar with the region and handy with repairs, these properties may be a good investment for you to place an offer.

Do the listings include homes with at least two baths?

The number of baths in a house may be anywhere from one to multiple baths, depending on the propertys size, location, and number of bedrooms. If the home or condo for sale is considered a studio, it may be listed as zero beds and zero baths, due to the entire residence being in two rooms.

Are these homes close to Disney?

There are homes and condos available in Naples, which is approximately 4 hours from Orlando, as well as Ocala and Tampa, which are roughly 2 hours from Orlando. If youre looking for condos or homes right next door from the attraction, you can find homes for sale in Kissimmee, Altemonte Springs as well as Winter Park. If you meet the age requirements, you can also find FSBO options in neighborhoods and the streets of Orlando for those aged 55 and up.