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Floor Standing Tower Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Floorstanding speakers and subwoofers allow you to augment the audio from your music or television system. There are different configurations available depending on the amount of space and needs. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting floor standing speakers.

How do you select floorstanding speakers?
  • Choose a configuration. Floorstanding speakers are available in single or multi-channel options that include a sub-woofer. Some configurations will include a home theater system that allows you to control the various units.
  • Choose a color. Some floor standing speakers are available in various wood finishes while plastic and metal options are available in different colors.
  • Choose a connection option. Bluetooth and wireless connections reduce the amount of wires used in a setup. Wired options will connect to your audio system.
  • Select a brand. Brands will have different configurations available, and several unbranded options are also offered.
What types of speaker designs are available?

Speakers will vary in the types of sounds that they can produce. Three-way audio-speakers will have separate drivers for the high, mid-range, and bass frequencies so that a single unit can produce multiple sounds. The bass/woofer will be the largest part of the floorstanding speaker and will be used for sounds such as drums or explosions. The tweeter, on the other hand, will be the smallest part of the system and will handle high-pitched notes. The amount of space allocated to a section will determine the sound range it can produce. Two-way audio-speakers won’t have the mid-range system.

What is a subwoofer?

Speaker systems will typically have a single subwoofer. A subwoofer is responsible for producing the low pitch/bass sounds from your system. The enclosure will generally have one or more woofers and will augment the bass from the main speaker-units.

What types of speaker configurations are available?
  • Single. This style uses a single unit to play the audio from your audio system. The single configuration includes soundbars and portable options that can connect wirelessly or with an audio cable.
  • Multi-channel. This style can range from 2.1 up to 5.1 systems. The first number will denote the number of main channels or speakers in the system. The second number will show the number of subwoofers used. A 5.1 channel would use a center channel for voices and a pair for the music and effects. The last two units would provide additional effects to provide the overall surround-sound effect.
What are tower speakers?

Tower speakers are large units that are able to stand on their own. This style comes in pairs and commonly has separate drivers for the bass, mids, and tweeter sounds. Tower speakers are highly visible and often have different styles like wood finishes to accent other pieces in the room or home theater.

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