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Floor Mats and Carpets for Volkswagen Rabbit

Floor mats and carpets are available as replacements if you’re looking to spruce up your Volkswagen Rabbit. They can be placed in many different areas of the vehicle from just in front of the driver seat to back in the cargo area of the Volkswagen Rabbit. These mats are made available by a wide range of brands from Volkswagen and WeatherTech to Lloyd Mats and Intro-Tech Automotive.

What materials are VW floor mats and carpets made of?

The floor mats available for your Volkswagen Rabbit come in two different materials: rubber and carpet.

  • Rubber: This is a slightly hard material that effectively catches dirt, moisture, and a wide range of additional particles before they reach the floor of the vehicle. These particles can then be shaken out of the mat or wiped clean periodically. Due to the toughness of rubber, it is a durable material that can withstand general wear and tear. In addition, it continues to maintain its shape when in constant contact with your shoes. Rubber also consists of a waterproof surface, which means that liquid will not seep through. In the event that you spill a soda or some coffee, the mat will trap the liquid and allow you to effectively clean it. These mats only require soap and water to be cleaned.
  • Carpet: These floor mats consist of a thick woven material that is made to be comfortable. They also trap dirt or particles. Carpet is available in a vast array of colors, which allows for a certain level of personalizing. Due to the durable materials used, mats, spills, and mud will not adversely affect the interior of your vehicle. These mats are typically stain-resistant, making cleaning them a straightforward process.
How do you keep your floor mats and carpets clean?

When you have been using regular or all-weather floor mats or carpets for a lengthy period of time in your Volkswagen, cleaning them can be accomplished in a few simple steps. First of all, you will want to remove the mat from your vehicle before cleaning it to ensure that water does not get into the interior. Once you have done so, shake off any of the loose dirt or particles to make the rest of the cleaning easier. Soap and water will help you get the mat looking spotless again. There may be some cases, however, where you may need to use floor cleaner. Make sure to dry off the floor mats before placing them back into the Volkswagen.

What are the different colors available for these VW mats?

These floor mats come in a large variety of colors that you can select from, either to match the color of the interior or for aesthetic purposes. Black and tan are the most common colors, but red, silver, gray, brown, and blue are some additional colors that are prevalent among these items. Other colors that are available in a smaller selection of these items include gold, green, burgundy, pink, purple, and white.