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Toyota Camry Floor Mats and Carpets

Your Toyota Camry takes care of you, so shouldn’t you take care of it? Perhaps the most tested area of your Camry is the floor, where wet, dirty, and rough shoes step on its carpet, not to mention trapped stains and odors. Toyota floor mats protect your flooring from damage, so its interior looks beautiful for years to come.

What is the difference between floor mats, carpets, and liners?

Often confused, floor mats and floor carpets may appear similar, but these Toyota interior accessories differ in appearance and function.

  • Floor mats: Made with specialized materials, mats are designed to repel moisture and debris. Their synthetic fibers come in a variety of colors to match the interior of your Camry.
  • Carpeting: These most closely match Toyota Camry factory designs. Made out of thicker material than factory mats, their crush-resistant design keeps them looking pristine even after years of use.
  • Floor liners: When compared to floor mats, floor liners have a larger surface area, which makes them useful for drivers who live in more rural, undeveloped areas. Floor liners are typically made of a washable synthetic blend unique to their manufacturer, such as Husky Liners.
What materials are floor mats made out of?

Unlike liners, which use a specialized blend of synthetic compounds, floor mats are typically made from heavy-duty rubber or a durable vinyl material. While they may look similar to Toyota Camry factory mats and liners, these accessories are thick and strong for extra protection.

What are Toyota Camry all-weather floor mats?

All-weather Camry floor mats and liners, such as those from WeatherTech or Husky Liners, concentrate their moisture protection directly under your feet. If you live in a rainy climate, or simply want a greater defense against water damage, these floor mats and liners are made for you.

What is the difference between custom and semi-custom mats?

Many mats and liners, like other auto accessories, are not universal. Toyota features unique interior layouts among their entire fleet. Custom and semi-custom floor and carpet mats ensure a proper fit.

  • Custom mats: Manufactured to precisely fit the year and model of your Toyota Camry.
  • Semi-Custom mats: Unlike custom products, the design is generalized based on vehicle type. While a semi-custom mat or liner is designed to fit the shape of a Toyota Camry, it will not be an exact match.
How do you clean Toyota Camry floor coverings?

Cleaning techniques vary based on type and design.

  • Carpeted floor mats: Debris is cleared by removing the mat from your Camry and vacuuming.
  • All-weather mats: Their thick, moisture-resistant surfaces are easily cleaned with a hose or vacuum.
  • Floor liners: Even though floor liners are made out of unique materials, cleaning is typically done with a spray hose.
  • Cleaners: Manufacturers recommend different cleaning products based on the type of floor mat your Toyota Camry has. For example, Husky Liners recommend citrus-based cleaners for oily residue while WeatherTech makes an in-house cleaning solution specific for their products.