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Nissan Rogue Floor Mats and Carpets

Nissan Rogue floor mats and carpets are stylish and functional. Not only do these accessories enhance the look of your vehicle’s interior but they're also resistant to fluids and debris. Mats for the Nissan Rogue come in a variety of materials to suit your lifestyle.

How do floor mats protect your Nissan Rogue?

Floor mats provide full floor coverage, keeping muck and spills away from carpeting. Without these accessories, the floorboard is susceptible to stains, discoloration, and scrapes. These things can permanently damage your car. Nissan Rogue floor mats will also do the following:

  • Keep the floor in pristine condition
  • Thwart stains from fluids and liquids
  • Shield the floor from salt and sand
  • Guard against wear and tear due to shoe friction
  • Protect the car's floorboard from discoloration caused by the sun
What are the features of Nissan Rogue all-weather floor mats?

Nissan all-weather floor mats are made of durable materials to protect the floor from dirt, water, salt, and mud. Ribbed channels provide a trench for liquid and debris to keep rain and snow off the floor of your vehicle. Other features of Nissan Rogue mats are listed here:

  • They are constructed of advanced materials to stand up to cold weather.
  • They have a protective coating for easy cleanup.
  • They have underside spikes that grip carpeting to prevent shifting
Are OEM and aftermarket Nissan Rogue floor mats the same?

Both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket floor mats for the Nissan provide maximum floor coverage. OEM covers have the Rogue brand imprint on both carpet and rubber mats. In contrast, aftermarket mats have no imprint. A few feature the manufacturer’s name such as Weathertech or Lloyd Mats.

Does Weathertech make floor mats for the Nissan Rogue?

Yes. Weathertech’s vehicle-specific floor mats provide edge-to-edge coverage for the Nissan Rogue’s floor. Precise contouring and a high lip around the perimeter are two of its prominent features. Weathertech’s Nissan floor mats offer durability, flexibility, and stability. Weathertech’s Nissan covers have the following qualities:

  • Engineered using state-of-the-art digital scanning
  • Made with a crack-proof thermopolyolefin compound to withstand cold temperatures
  • Contain deep groves to drive liquids away from feet
Which type of mat should you choose for your Nissan?

If you are having difficulty deciding which covers to get for your Nissan, you are not alone. The choice boils down to lifestyle and personal taste. The list below gives the advantages of putting each type in your Nissan Rogue car.

  • Nissan Rogue rubber mats can endure the mess resulting from harsh and dirty climates.
  • All-weather mats have a high-tolerance for fluids and debris, and they prevent substances from deteriorating the carpeting in your Nissan.
  • Nissan carpet mats offer comfort and style. The padding underneath helps dampen noise from the road.