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Mitsubishi Eclipse Floor Mats and Carpets

The carpet in your Mitsubishi Eclipse really withstands a lot of use as you drive. Normal wear and dirt can take a toll on it. You can keep your carpet looking like new if you know the different types of mats and liners that are available.

How can you preserve the carpet in your Mitsubishi Eclipse?
  • If heel friction on the driver’s side is causing the carpet to wear down, consider using a thicker or heavier mat or liner on the driver’s side. Some even come with an extra thick heel pad to absorb the friction from your heels.
  • If you get a lot of mud or snow in your car, look for all-weather floor mats made with thermal materials and deep channels that help to melt snow and channel water away from your carpet. It will help keep your floor dry.
  • If you haul supplies and equipment in your vehicle regularly, it can cause all kinds of damage. Look for a heavy-duty mat that is made of materials that resist chemicals and is thick enough to cushion heavy items.
  • If you eat and drink regularly in your car, try floor mats with raised edges that contain liquid spills and prevent them from overflowing to your floor.
What is the difference between carpet and all-weather mats?

Carpet mats come in a wide variety of colors to match the interior of your Mitsubishi Eclipse. They're suitable for keeping your original materials bright. Made with the right backing materials, they do well at preventing spills from seeping through. One advantage of carpet is that you can buy OEM licensed or custom logo Mitsubishi floor mats. All-weather mats and liners provide year-round protection from a variety of hazards. While not as stylish, they do more to help preserve the value of your Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Are floor mats and floor liners the same?
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse floor mats are made from rubber and rubber-like materials designed to conform to the shape of your car. They're usually flat with extra gripping ability to make getting in and out without slipping easy. They have channels and ridges to catch liquids. Since they're made of thin, flexible material they have a limited lifespan.
  • Floor liners are completely different. They're made from more rigid plastic or thermoplastic materials. Liners are often custom fitted for your Eclipse. The back has rigid spikes that hold them in place. They also have raised sides. This helps in keeping spills in place because the liner won't move. Since they are so thick and sturdy, they outlast floor mats.