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Mazda Miata Floor Mats and Carpets

Whether you live in the concrete jungle or among the winding roads of rural America, your car takes a lot of punishment. If you drive a Mazda Miata, new floor mats can boost the interior aesthetics of your vehicle while safeguarding the carpets from damage.

Are carpet mats different from floor mats?

Fundamentally, both mats serve the same purpose, which is to protect the car’s original flooring. However, there are some differences.

  • Miata floor mats: When you purchase a Miata from the dealership, the car comes with OEM, which stands for original equipment from manufacturer. These OEM mats are capable of baseline protection against dirt, grime, and general wear and tear. Aftermarket floor mats are also available, and some of them come with enhanced protective features, such as stain-resistant synthetic fibers and slip-proof rubber pads.
  • Miata carpet mats: Carpet mats are designed to boost the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your Mazda Miata. Carpet mats come in a variety of colors and fibers to perfectly match existing upholstery.
What types of Mazda floor mats are there?

Mazda floor mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes based on model. For example, a Mazda Miata requires a specifically designed floor mat when compared to other Mazda vehicles. Regardless of your Mazda Miata's year or condition, you have three choices when it comes to selecting the floor mat size.

  • Custom Fits: As you can imagine, custom Mazda mats are designed to perfectly fit your Miata model. Custom mats are available in rubber protective liners or carpet material.
  • Semi-Custom Fits: These vehicle mats are designed based on the average size of specific vehicle types. To locate Mazda floor mats that fit, make sure to have your vehicle manufacturing year and model number.
  • Universal Fits: Mazda universal floor mats feature generalized measurements designed to work in vehicles within a specific grouping, such as SUVs, trucks, or roadsters like the Miata. These mats are built for function and typically include rubber pads and stain-resistant materials.
How do you make sure rubber Mazda floor mats fit a Miata?

When buying rubber mats for a Mazda Miata, make sure to have your vehicle year and model series on hand. Because mat designs are specific to manufacturing year, a design for a 2004 Miata may not fit a 2015 model, for example. Rubber pads differ in length, especially for front passenger seats. Longer floor mats slide underneath seats for extended protection while shorter versions only protect the area where your feet rest. As long as the mat is designed for your Mazda model and year, you should be able to successfully install it.