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Lexus GX 460 Floor Mats and Carpets

Protect the floors and interior of your Lexus GX 460 with mats and carpets. These durable, handy accessories help keep your car's cabin pristine and presentable, no matter how many miles you've driven, and you can remove them easily for cleaning and light maintenance. Here are five questions and answers to help you find the right set.

What are Lexus GX 460 deep-channel dish floor mats?

A deep-channel dish floor mat contains a pattern of pronounced ridges and a raised border. The ridges collect debris, mud, and dust from the soles of your shoes. The floor mat's raised border, resembling the walls of a deep-dish pan, enhance the mat's trapping capabilities. As a result, debris removed from the soles of your shoes stays within the mat's reservoir until you remove the mat for cleaning.

What distinguishes direct replacement fitment Lexus GX 460 mats?

GX 460 mats and carpets classified as "direct replacement" mats are products whose fit corresponds to the interior dimensions of your Lexus. This fit requires no modification. Direct replacement mats and carpets are the opposite of performance and custom mats and carpets.

Performance and custom mats and carpets have a universal size that fits your Lexus GX 460 or any other luxury SUV. However, most performance and custom mats and carpets can be trimmed, so you can give them a bespoke look that suits both your SUV's interior and your sensibilities.

How do you choose between aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer?

Lexus original equipment manufacturers (OEM) design genuine mats and carpets intended for use in your Lexus GX 460. OEM products typically fall under the category of direct replacement. Aftermarket branded mats and carpets are more likely to be performance or custom mats and carpets, but some are authentic Lexus products that happen to make it into aftermarket outlets.

Each category of GX 460 products provides a spectrum of choices, so you can choose products that meet your unique needs and desires.

What types of Lexus mat and carpet sets are available?

You can purchase a single mat or sets of up to five pieces. There are single mats and carpets for each type of seat within your Lexus GX 460 cabin, such as the front driver, front passenger, and each back seat. There are also rear cargo mats and carpets designed just for the Lexus GX 460.

Some sets contain a separate mat for the floor beneath each seat, whereas other sets contain two separate front seat mats or carpets, and a one-piece backseat mat or carpet. Folding trunk cargo organizers designed to match your carpets and mats are an add-on worth considering if you need storage.

What types of materials and colors can you get?

Rubber, faux suede, and synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are the most commonly used materials, prized for their durability and versatility. Resistance to water and stains is a fairly standard feature. As for colors, the available range of hues varies seasonally. It is possible to find mats and carpets for Lexus vehicles that match any interior and trim colors. The following is a sample of colors that may be available:

  • Black, white, and gray.
  • Red, pink, burgundy, and purple.
  • Yellow and orange.
  • Blue, green, brown, and tan.
  • Gold, silver, and multicolored.