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Floor Mats and Carpets for Lexus ES 350

Floor mats and carpets can be used to cover the floors of your Lexus ES 350 with materials that will keep them safe and protected from water and dirt. These mats can be placed throughout your Lexus, including in the cargo area. These accessories for the Lexus ES series of luxury sedans have been manufactured by numerous brands from 3D MAXpider and Husky Liners to Intro-Tech Automotive.

Which materials are these floor mats made with?

Floor mats and carpets for the Lexus ES 350 have been made with a variety of materials, each of which has a different core function when placed in your vehicle. The different materials and their benefits are described below:

  • Carpet: These mats usually consist of nylon and can be made with a hard rubber or plastic backing in order to prevent movement. They can also be fashioned in an array of colors.
  • All weather: This is a specific type of mat that is designed to be used in damper environments where snow and rain occur regularly. They are comprised of several different materials and typically consist of ridges that help to keep stains away.
  • Rubber: This material is hard and durable, providing you with a non-slip surface and a material that can trap any piece of dirt or drop of water that touches it.
What colors do these floor mats and carpets come in?

Floor mats for the Lexus can be selected in a wide range of colors, the most common of which is black. Some other colors that are widely available for ES 350 floor mats and carpets include tan, brown, gray, blue, clear, silver, and red. Simple, solid floor mats and carpets can help keep this luxury sedan classy. A few are available with printed designs, allowing you to inject some personality into the interiors of your vehicle.

How do you clean these floor mats?

Floor mats should be cleaned at least once a month or more if you have recently tracked a lot of snow or rain into your ES 350. The first step before any cleaning begins is to remove the floor mats from your car. Once you have done so, consider vacuuming them or shaking them in order to remove some of the loose dirt and dust. You can use a scrub brush with some soap and water in order to remove some of the more embedded particles. Power washing with a pressure washer or hose will also help you get rid of some of the more stubborn particles. Make sure that you leave these mats outside to dry before putting them back into your vehicle.

What is an OEM part?

When you are searching for the right floor mat for your Lexus ES car, some of those available will be listed as an OEM part. This term refers to the original manufacturer of your car. Given that the mats are made by the brand that manufactured your vehicle, they will fit into your car without requiring you to make any modifications.