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Jaguar XJ8 Floor Mats and Carpets

Consider the dirt and grime you track into your Jaguar daily. All that muck takes a toll on stock flooring. A set of floor mats solves this problem and also gives the interior an aesthetic boost.

What are features of Jaguar XJ8 floor mats and carpets?

Jaguar XJ8 floor mats and carpets help maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s floorboard. They offer edge-to-edge coverage to keep spills and the harsh weather elements from ruining the factory-installed carpet. You will find brands like Weathertech, Husky Liners, and Lloyd Mats that offer exclusive options to fit the Jaguar’s floorboard. When searching for Jaguar XJ8 floor mats, look for the following features:

  • Snug fit to provide great coverage for every inch of the floor
  • Grommets to keep mats in place
  • Raised edges to stop spills
What are the benefits of Jaguar XJ8 floor mats?

Jaguar XJ8 floor mats are designed to withstand the stress of daily foot traffic. Furthermore, the durable pieces protect your floor from stains, UV rays, and weather elements. Some benefits for Jaguar XJ8 floor mats are as follows:

  • They prevent discoloration caused by the sun’s rays.
  • They shield the floorboard from food and drink spills.
  • They protect the vehicle's stock carpet from dirt, mud, slush, sand, and road salt.
  • They stop shoe friction from fraying fibers.
What types of floor mats are available for Jaguar cars?

With the technological advancements in floor mat designs, you can choose mats that are both stylish and functional. There are styles with unique patterns and heightened edges that hold dirt and liquid. Additionally, there are carpet floor mats in every color across the spectrum made to resist and repel stains.

  • All-weather mats: These mats are made of rubber or a thick vinyl material. They have spikes underneath to keep them from slipping or obstructing the pedals. You will come across designs with deep grooves, honeycomb patterns, and raised rims to prevent spilled drinks and muck from destroying your Jaguar’s floorboard.
  • Carpet mats: This luxury option can boost the Jaguar’s visual appeal. Soft carpet can also enhance the driving experience. Carpet mats are available in an assortment of styles, colors, and textures to complement the XJ8 model's leather interior.
  • Rubber and carpet combo: Owners of the Jaguar XJ8 sedan will appreciate the comfort and protection that combo options offer. Choose carpet mats with rubber in the middle to corral muck from shoes, or select rubber mats with carpeting in the center to cushion your feet.