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Infiniti FX35 Floor Mats & Carpets

Choosing the right floor mats for your Infiniti FX35 can enhance your vehicle’s interior and protect the OEM carpeting. Floor mats guard against everything from muddy footwear to accidental spills, and extend the life of your car’s floorboard. There are a variety of colors and styles to fit your taste and driving habits.

How do floor mats protect your Infiniti’s interior?

These coverings create a barrier between your Infiniti's floorboards and grimy substances. They add a layer of comfort under your feet. They also keep the floorboard in factory-new condition, which increases the car's resale value. Mats protect against:

  • Spills and stains - Little spills can leave your car's floorboard with big stains. If you consume drinks while driving, a sudden stop or distraction can cause a spill on the floorboard. Floor coverings help solve this problem.
  • Grime and muck - The dirt you track into your vehicle from rain and snow can leave a mess. Coverings keep substances from reaching the car's floorboard.
  • Wear and tear - Regardless of how well you maintain the inside of your FX35, there will be some wear and tear. Even simple shifting can cause friction, resulting in frayed fibers inside your coupe or sedan.
What floor mats should you get for your Infiniti?

Consider your driving environment when picking rubber and carpet accessories for your Infiniti FX35. If you live in wet or snowy regions, rubber barriers block dampness from seeping into the floorboards. Carpet mats work well in dry climates. Choices include:

  • Infiniti FX35 carpet mats - These accessories are designed for dry climates and guard against liquids and UV damage. The coverings feel comfortable underfoot and help reduce road noise. They help Infiniti drivers add a little style to a car's interior.
  • Infiniti FX35 rubber mats - These heavy-duty rugs shield the floorboard from snow, rain, dirt, and accidental spills. The ribbed surfaces trap liquid and prevent weather elements from ruining stock floorboards. You can find these all-weather mats with or without the FX35 imprint and Infiniti logo.
Which companies make floor mats for the FX35?

Several brands manufacture custom floor mats for the Infiniti FX35, including Weather Tech, Husky Liners, 3DMaxpider, and BoostWaves. The companies offer a variety of styles. Recognizing these brands will help narrow your search when you pick mats for your Infiniti FX35.

  • WeatherTech - This company specializes in producing custom all-weather rubberized floorboard pads. Its products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or curling. Deep channels and high rims provide full coverage to protect the floorboard.
  • Husky Liners - Husky manufactures sturdy mats with raised edges and ridges to prevent dirt and liquid from ruining the car's floor.
  • 3D Maxpider - This brand offers custom 3D carbon fiber and looped fabric designs to fit Infiniti FX35 floorboards. A soft inner layer helps reduce foot fatigue and minimize road noise.
  • BoostWaves - The company offers a range of fashionable designs for the Infiniti FX35. It offers animal prints and character images, as well as custom, heavy-duty rubber rugs.