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Hyundai Santa Fe Floor Mats and Carpets

There are many uses for floor mats and carpets in your Hyundai Santa Fe. Floor mats aid in preventing stains from getting on the floor of your Hyundai and help provide traction when sitting down so that it is not so difficult. Floor mats and carpets are protective and useful for the floor of your vehicle.

What materials are Hyundai Santa Fe floor mats made of?

There are a few materials that Santa Fe floor mats and carpets are made from including rubber, plastic, and softer, more absorbent fabric. Each of these materials have their own uses and functions. Rubber and plastic floor mats are useful when attempting to protect your car from the elements, such as mud, water, or snow tracked in on shoes. They are easy to clean and easy to take out and put in. Fabric floor mats are also useful because they have a back made for tough wear and tear. They protect your Hyundai's floor from dirt and the elements and are easy to clean as well.

Are there different colors for Hyundai Santa Fe floor mats?

There are a variety of colors for Santa Fe mat accessories. A few colors include the following:

  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
How do you select the right fit for floor mats?

It is important to select the right fit for your Hyundai Santa Fe mat accessories to ensure that your vehicle has proper coverage. If you choose mats that are too small, it could be annoying and not protect the entire carpet from damage. If you choose mats that are too big, it could affect your ability to drive by blocking the pedals. There are some steps you can take to ensure the correct selection of size:

  • Find mats customized for the year and model of your Santa Fe.
  • Decide on your desired material and color for your floor mat based on your daily needs.
  • Double check specific measurements with a tape measure to ensure that the dimensions of the mat fit your car.
Is it easy to remove mats once they are installed?

It is very easy to insert and remove floor mats from your Hyundai Santa Fe. In order to insert them, you lay them on the floor of your car, ensuring that the surface is flat on the floor and edges snug against the seat base, wheel well, or console. To remove them for cleaning, you simply pick it up, and it leaves no marks.

Is it easy to clean Hyundai Santa Fe floor mats?

Depending on the material, there are a few ways to clean Hyundai floor mats, which are listed below:

  • Rubber and plastic: Simply shake the dirt off and wash the mat with water, adding a little dish soap if needed.
  • Fabric: Shake the dirt off and vacuum it. If there are additional stains, it might be useful to shampoo it.