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Floor Mats and Carpets for Honda Accord

These floor mats and carpets can be fitted into any Honda Accord in a variety of areas, from the cargo area to just in front of the passenger seat. These floor mats are made by a wide range of brands, such as OxGord, Plasticolor, Honda, Wheelskins, and Lloyd Mats. They are made from durable materials that protect the interior floor of your Honda Accord.

What are the different types of floor mats?

When you are selecting a floor mat for your Honda Accord, there are two different materials that these mats can consist of, rubber and carpet, both of which are comprised of different features.

  • Rubber: This type of material is effective at catching moisture, dirt, and a range of other particles and trapping them within so that they do not come into contact with the car floor. Rubber is a durable yet flexible material for your Honda Accord that can withstand normal amounts of wear and tear while it is also resistant to the rubbing of your shoes, allowing it to retain its shape at all times.
  • Carpet: These types of mats consist of synthetic weaved fibers that are designed to catch and trap dirt until you have the chance to clean the mats. They are generally tufted and consist of a rubberized anti-slip backing. They can come in a wide range of different colors and can incorporate logos or designs that allow you to personalize the mat. These Honda Accord floor mats typically consist of nylon threads.
Which colors are available with these mats and carpets?

These floor mats for Honda Accord are available in numerous colors, the primary of which is black. Tan, silver, red, blue, brown, and gray are also common with these floor mats. Some additional colors that you can find for your Honda Accord include burgundy, clear, orange, pink, purple, and white.

How do you keep these floor mats clean?

The floor mats in your car can be cleaned in a variety of ways. For instance, certain carpet floor mats can be placed in a washing machine as long as they do not consist of a hard plastic backing. If washing your Honda Accord floor mats in the machine, make sure to keep the settings at a low tumble cycle. When hand-washing the floor mats, you will want to start out with shaking off the dirt or using a small vacuum to remove any of the dirt that has built up over time. Once you have done this, a scrub brush and some cleaner should help you remove any of the remaining stains. They will need to be rinsed dry with a hose or set out to dry over a day or so before you place them back into your Honda Accord. It is important that they are completely dry before you put them back in the car.