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GMC Terrain Floor Mats & Carpets

The GMC Terrain is an all-weather vehicle for an all-weather lifestyle, designed with custom trim and plenty of perks. You should always have floor mats for your GMC Terrain to keep the floors of your car protected and your feet comfortable. Various mats, cargo liners, and carpets are available for these vehicles, reflecting the size and shape of the truck as well as your color scheme.

Where are floor mats located in the vehicle?

The floor liners can be located all throughout your vehicle. You will want to decide where you want to place replacement mats. Further, some areas, such as a backseat mat, might have multiple designs based on the model year and trim level of your GMC Terrain. Some locations for liners include:

  • Front seat (driver and passenger side)
  • Back seat (driver and passenger side)
  • Rear cargo area
How do floor mats stay in place?

Floor mats stay in place using a variety of methods. Some have rubber grippers on the bottom that connect with the carpet. This will ensure that they don't shift easily. Other mats have grommets in the corners that slide over pegs that are attached to the floor of the vehicle. You will want to see what features are included on the mats before you choose them for your GMC. Either way, they are easy to install on your own.

What colors are floor mats available in?

Various colors of mats are available to coordinate with the interior color of your vehicle. You can often find colors that will match the existing upholstery or that will coordinate to provide a unique look. Some of these options include:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Navy
  • Red
What is an OEM part?

Parts are identified as OEM if they were made by the original equipment manufacturer for GMC. OEM parts enable you to get an exact match of what was originally provided for your model of GMC Terrain. You can also choose from an assortment of aftermarket floor mats and carpets from a range of brands. Both OEM and aftermarket parts provide specially fitted options for your Terrain model to provide the floor protection you are looking for.

How do you buy floor mats?

You can review the different features that are available and determine your priorities for your vehicle. Some aspects to consider include the following:

  • Model year and trim level: Identify the details of your Terrain to ensure floor mats fit your vehicle.
  • Features: Review features such as how they stay in position and if they're machine washable.
  • Individual or set: You can purchase individual mats or you can buy a full set to fit the front and back seat floor areas.
  • Material: Choose rubber floor mats to handle wet materials or opt for carpeted options for a different feel.
  • OEM vs aftermarket: Determine if you want mats that match the originals for the GMC Terrain or want a different look or set of features.