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Dodge Challenger Floor Mats

Dodge Challenger owners frequently take great care in maintaining their cars. Equipping their vehicle with exterior and interior accessories that are highly functional while adding a bit of flair and style is one means Dodge owners take to keep their vehicles maintained. Floor mats for Dodge Challengers are critical for keeping carpet clean and dry, and they come in a wide variety of options to choose from.

What are WeatherTech Dodge Challenger floor mats?

WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats are molded floor liners that completely line the carpet to give total interior protection. The driver and front passenger floor mats are measured with digital lasers so they will fit your Challenger exactly. This mat has a raised lip around the perimeter and deep sculpted channels that filter liquids and debris down to the reservoir, keeping these substances off the vehicle floor.

Are there OEM Dodge Challenger floor mats?

Yes, the Mopar Dodge Challenger Premium floor mats are one of Challenger owners' favorites. These floor mats come with 24-ounce luxury carpet and in factory matching colors. They are extremely durable, and each floor liner is custom designed to fit your Challenger. One striking feature is that the Challenger logo is stitched in, helping to add to that custom flair many drivers strive to obtain.

Are there rubber Dodge Challenger floor mats?

There is a wide variety of rubber floor mats available. Some are designed specifically for the Dodge Challenger while others are more universal and fit several vehicle makes and models. Many come in a variety of colors. Some rubber floor mats are specifically designed so you can trim them to provide just the right fit.

Do you need the dimensions when ordering Dodge Challenger mats?

No, you do not need to know the product dimensions before ordering floor mats. If you are interested in floor mats designed specifically for your Dodge Challenger, just knowing the following will help expedite your search:

  • Year
  • Trim package
  • Engine size

Many companies design floor mats specific to one or more of those criteria, and having this information to reference could help you find just the floor mat package you're looking for.

Do any mat sets come with a cargo mat included?

Yes, several mat packages out on the market include a cargo mat along with the floor mats. These are nice options for Dodge owners looking to get the "whole package" all at once, perhaps because they favor a particular manufacturer or product composition that has worked well for them before.