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Floor Mats and Carpets for the BMW 335i

Floor mats not only add some style to your BMW 335i, but they also serve a useful purpose. They help keep your BMW clean by trapping any dirt or debris that would otherwise get tracked into your vehicle.

What floor mats are available for your BMW 335i?

There are many different types of floor mats available for your BMW 335i. They come in a variety of styles and colors to match the interior of your BMW. There are carpeted and rubber options. If you are going for easy-to-clean and practical, you will want it to go with rubber mats over the carpeted ones. Some car mats have professional sports logos on them for the sports fan and others have characters on them, sayings, or even designs. Some carpets are considered all-weather mats because they are durable and easily cleaned. There are also some that have high edges to keep dirt on the mat and prevent messes from getting spread into the rest of the car. Anti-slip backings keep mats in place and can be easily trimmed to fit any car's interior. Floor mats have many different designs, including grooves and ridges that add dimension and class to your BMW.

How do you clean BMW 335i floor mats?

Floor mats can be cleaned fairly easily, and they can be completely removed from your BMW 335i so that they can be cleaned more thoroughly. If your floor mats are rubber, all you need to do is wash them or even just hose them down with some soap and water. If they have stains on them or are dirty, soak them before rinsing them. If yours are made of carpet, vacuum them or steam clean them.

Which floor mats fit into the BMW 355i?

Floor mats come in all shapes and sizes, but typically, you can find many brands, like WeatherTech and Lloyd Mats, that are made to fit your BMW 355i. Floor mats that are specifically made by BMW will most likely have the company's logo on them so that you will know that it is an authentic product.

Where can floor mats be used?

BMW floor mats can be used pretty much anywhere in your vehicle. Individual ones designed for the shape of each space can be placed on the driver's side of the floor and on the passenger's side of the floor in the front of the vehicle. You can choose between one long carpet cover in the back versus a pair for both sides. Cargo mats are great for the back of the car as well.