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BMW 325 Floor Mats and Carpets

Floor mats and carpets can keep your BMW 325 in better condition throughout the year. You can replace or upgrade the BMW 325 floor mats and carpets at any time. Knowing what's on the market will ensure you choose what's right for your car.

What are the types of floor mats for BMW?

You will find that there are many floor mats for the BMW 325 whether you choose original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket products. This will allow you to choose a design and material that works for your needs.

  • Rubber
  • All-weather
  • Carpet
  • Floor liners
What are floor mat anchors?

Floor mat anchors are the small posts found mounted the ground by where the mats lie. These help to keep the floor mats from moving around while driving or while getting in and out. Depending on the model year of the BMW, the mats may go over the anchor or snap onto the anchor. In addition to anchors, some floor mats will also have spiky grips on the bottom to help keep them in position.

What are all-weather floor mats?

All-weather floor mats are made of rubber, PVC, and other materials. They are durable enough to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Other plastic car floor mats may crack and deteriorate in the cold weather. Some have designs on them that allow you to get salt and other debris from your shoes without it getting into the interior of your car. Additionally, all-weather floor mats can be easily hosed down so that you don't have to worry about them getting too dirty.

What's often included in a set?

A set will often include all of the floor mats needed for your sedan. This includes car floor mats that are specifically cut for the front driver and passenger seats as well as the back seats. Some sets might also include a mat or liner for the trunk so that it's protected against any cargo you might carry.

How do you clean floor mats?

Floor mats are cleaned based on the material. Some are easier to clean than others, which should be a consideration as you shop for floor mats and carpet. You may also want to have more than one set of BMW floor mats so that you can change them out based on what you're doing.

  • Rubber: These are easy to clean because you can take them out, shake them off, and hose them down.
  • Carpet: You can vacuum the mats on a regular basis and shampoo as necessary to address stains.