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Audi S4 Floor Mats & Carpets

The Audi S4 is a high-performance, precision-crafted vehicle that combines luxury with superb handling and style. Installing new or upgraded floor mats or carpets for your Audi S4 can help keep it well maintained and protected from the elements. Options include a variety of carpet or all-weather rubber styles for the look and protection you desire.

What kinds of S4 floor mats or carpets are available?

Choose from carpeted styles in either loop or plush carpeting; most carpets have been treated to be stain-resistant to help them stay clean. For harsher weather such as snow, mud, or rain, you may opt for rubber floor mats for more thorough weather-resistance. Some rubber mats come with a raised lip to keep water, mud, or other liquids from spilling over.

What is the difference between custom and universal fit?
  • Custom fit: Custom-fit floor mats are specifically designed for your Audi S4. These are measured to your car's exact specifications and will cover virtually all of the floor space to provide you with the maximum protection from dirt, snow, mud, and other environmental hazards. Audi S4 custom-fit mats may be ordered to match your car's interior color, and you may opt to purchase mats with the official Audi logo embossed on them. When choosing a custom-fit mat, be sure to order the Audi S4 mats for your particular model year and not another Audi model or S4 year to ensure the optimal fit.
  • Universal fit: Universal fit mats are designed to fit any vehicle, including the S4, and are usually available in anywhere from two to four sizes. Universal fit floor mats will provide good coverage for your S4, but will typically not cover every square inch of floor space. Universal mats sometimes have pre-printed lines to help you cut your floor mats to the proper size. To order the ideal size, be sure to measure your floor--both front and back--and choose the size that comes closest to the S4 dimensions.
Are OEM and aftermarket Audi parts the same?

OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer, which in this case means Audi or one of Audi's subsidiaries. OEM floor mats are the same as the ones originally installed in the factory and because of this, you will have a limited selection depending on the styles originally available for your Audi S4. Aftermarket floor mats are manufactured by a number of independent companies and thus you will have a wide range of options in color, material, style, and features.