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AUDI A4 Floor Mats & Carpets

Keeping the interior of your Audi classy and clean is always vital in maintaining the general appearance of your car. With Audi A4 floor mats, not only do they add style but they also help in protecting the vehicle's passengers from dust, water, mud, and other discomforts that come with extreme weather conditions. A new set of mats make old cars look clean and furnished.

What are the floor options for Audi A4?

While Audi A4 floors are covered with built-in carpets to allow for a feeling of luxury, this is not the last step in car floor protection. Floor mats save you the time you would take cleaning the dirt and mud stuck in the car by merely removing the mat and having it cleaned separately, which is much easier. They are available for purchase in different styles and colors.

OEM Audi A4 mats are available in three grades of texture ranging from standard, deluxe, and super deluxe. They are also available in different qualities including heavy-duty rubber. Investing in custom designs of mats gives you the flexibility to improve the interior elegance of the Audi A4. They also protect your Audi A4 from wear and tear that comes from prolonged contact with shoe soles and luggage.

Floor mats are firmly secured to the base to avoid slippage or sliding. The level of grip varies from one mat to another. You could go for more grip especially if you regularly have kids on board.

You also have the liberty to select all-weather floor mats and carpets. These are mats that can be used regardless of the weather, in rainy, snowy, or dry conditions.

How do you install Audi A4 floor mats?

The floor mats on the Audi A4 are equipped with certain fixtures that help in the installation. They normally consist of a little hook, which is attached to the lower carpet layer, and a grommet on the floor mat that holds onto the hook to prevent sliding of the mat under the driver’s feet. They also have spikes on the bottom surface to create a firm grip on the layer.

Are Audi mats model-specific?

Audi 4 mats can be replaced with the ones in Audi S4 with little to no adjustments. In reality, most mats can be interchanged with a number of models of vehicles, the determining factor being the size.

How long do floor mats and carpets last?

Audi A4 floor mats can continue to look new for 10 years or more. Their base material is pure rubber to prevent water from seeping through the carriage. However, some water might still leak through, which in turn leads to building up of rust.