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How to Choose LED Fog Lights for Your Car or Truck

When inclement weather hits, auxiliary LED headlights for fog create safer visibility for both you and other drivers on the road. It is important to find the correct light for your car's height, bumper width, and mounting system. Specifically, LED lights, or Light Emitting Diodes, provide a list of helpful advantages.

Why Do I Need Automotive LED Fog-Specific Lights for My Vehicle?

Standard headlights are not always ideal for cutting through the reflective properties of fog. LED lighting helps in the following ways:

  • Reduce Glare: The lower and wider beam projected by these car lights reduce the glare that bounces off water droplets in fog, mist, or light rain.
  • Lower Beam: The low placement of fog headlights on your car avoids highlighting a large portion of the distracting fog. LED fog lights are often mounted between 10 and 14 inches off the ground. Owners should advise their headlight kit to properly install the vehicle's lights.
  • LED Advantages: This dependable and low-cost alternative bulbs for car lights work well for easy installation. Their intensity also works well in darker roads on clear evenings. As with all LED lights, they are more energy efficient and tend to have a longer lifespan.

Why Types of Lights Are Offered for Fog?

Depending on the shape of your car or truck, different light options work for different vehicles. All parts may come in a lighting kit with attachment hardware and advice for your specific bulbs and car.

  • Light Bar and Grille Mounts: Fixating to the center interior of the front bumper or grille, a long line of bulbs create a powerful strip of fog-resistant illumination.
  • Spot Beams and Bumper Mounts: Focus these low-beam, rounded LED lights to either side of the bumper for a more adjustable option.
  • Halo-Ring Lights: Certain light kits come with more unique lighting options, such as fixtures with a multi-color halogen ring around the standard bulb which can change colors while driving or alerting other drivers of bad weather.

How Do I Install Headlights for Fog on My Car?

Each LED light kit often comes with specifications for your particular car make and model. It is important to follow these carefully for full safety effect. For general replacement without additional hardware:

  • Choose for Your Car: Finding the right LED light for fog and mist can be accomplished by perusing the list of compatible vehicles within the product description itself. Check your user manual for more installation specifications.
  • Disconnect Light Switch and Remove Light Housing: Be sure to turn off your car, disconnect the light fog switch from its power source and remove the outer casing to the access the bulb.
  • Insert the LED Bulb: With delicacy, remove the old bulb and replace with the fog LED headlight. Close the light casing and reconnect the light switch to the car's electrical system.