Get comfy with a fleece blanket

Add a cosy and cuddly touch to your home that also matches your decor. From bright colors and subtle hues to fabulous prints and weird but wonderful designs, you'll find fleece blankets here to suit all. 

Whether you're looking to add extra comfy touches to the bedroom, you want a multi-functional blanket for that living room chair or you just need a spare for when you're cold, there'll be a fleece blanket on eBay to match your criteria. 

The right size

The key thing with a fleece blanket is to ensure it'll cover you completely, bringing that ultimate level of comfort. From single ones, which are ideal for chairs and little children, to doubles, king and even super king sizes, you'll find one here to fit any area and anyone. 

A decor addition

Fleece blankets come in delightful color pops, from the boldest of colors to the subtlest of hues, helping to transform any bedroom or living area. You'll also find signature pieces to make neutral toned areas pop thanks to their delightful patterns, with everything from stripes and spots to leopard and zebra print on offer. 

Of course, there are fabulous fleeces here for your little ones too. Whether they're animal or sporting crazy you'll find the perfect kid's fleece blankets. From ones bearing big animal prints, which include everything from horses to unicorns, to ones covered in their favourite football team's logo and even ones shaped like sharks. Or, choose a Disney fleece blanket featuring their favourite film characters. 

The ultimate warmth

Aside from delightful designs and bold and beautiful colors, fleece blankets are here to do much more than just make a room pop. Their ultimate goal is to make you cosy and super, super comfy. You'll find everything from simple Sherpa fleeces to electric fleece blankets.