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Fixed Tactical Knives

Whether you prefer an old classic or something more modern, there are literally thousands of tactical fixed knives to choose from. There are a wide variety of designers offering an assortment of blades for different types of sportsmen. Many of the combat and tactical fixed knives are handcrafted and designed around the needs of the military personnel serving overseas.

What are fixed tactical knives used for?

This type of knife and sheath are often designed to be capable of assisting with a number of tasks indoors and outdoors. This type of knife is often designed with half-way serrated, drop-point blades that make it easy to cut through different materials, including rope. The handle on the fixed blade knife may be fortified with stainless steel so it can be used for hammering. Many of the combat knives available on the market today are actually designed to be used as a survival knife as well.

What brands of tactical fixed blade knives are available?

Gerber currently offers, arguably, the most popular fixed tactical knife on the market. Schrade, ESEE, SOG, Gerber, Tanto, Cold Steel, Kizlyar, Ontario, and Benchmade are some of the other leading brands selling the fixed tactical knife. Often times, the knife, blade or sheath are branded with the insignia of the Air Force, USMC or other military branches.

What are the different sizes and types of blades available?

The size of the blades for the fixed tactical knife and sheath typically ranges from 3 to 13 inches. The most popular fixed combat knives and sheaths are around 5 or 7 inches long. There are a number of double edge blades, carbon steel, gray blades and plain blades available if you are looking for a combat knife. Whether you need a tactical knife for combat or survival, there are a wide range of options to choose from. Typically, the fixed blade knife and sheath is crafted based on the core function it's designed to perform, whether that's combat or some other purpose.

What are some of the knife features offered?

The fixed blade knife typically weighs less than one pound and is less than 5 millimeters thick. The handle and sheath of the fixed blade are often made from materials like rubber, leather, or Kraton. However, every knife, blade, and sheath design are unique and effective in their own right. The blade of the knife may include a zinc phosphate finish to minimize rust. Often times, the knife, blade, and sheath are designed based on government specifications because they are so widely used by personnel in the armed forces.

What are some of the sheath features available?

Some of the sheaths for fixed tactical knives are designed with mildew-resistance, military-grade gear. However, the fixed blade knife is not just for combat, it can be designed to be used in a number of different ways. When the fixed blade knife is intended to be used as a survival knife, pocket guides, diamond sharpeners, fire starters and other important materials may be incorporated into the sheath.

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