How to Choose Your Next Knife

A knife is one essential utility that serves loads of purposes. This handy tool has a blade that is either fixed or folding. A fixed blade knife is a basic cutting tool. You see them in kitchens and are useful for meal preparations and dining needs.

What Are Some Types of Knives?

Different needs require specific types of knives. For collectors, different makers come out with an assortment of models for selection. Benchmade is one maker and Morakniv is another knife company.

  1. Fixed Blade Knife. This is a sturdy cutting tool because the blade is one full, solid piece that does not fold. A fixed blade knife may be full-tang, half-tang, or rat tail. This comes with a sheath.
  2. Bowie Knife. This is a hunting knife. Some are useful as skinning knives. Others are capable of butchering game. The Bowie blade is folding or fixed. But a fixed blade knife is more reliable.
  3. Tactical Knife. A tactical knife has a steady and fixed blade.  It is a common military weapon issue and a capable combat weapon. A Tactical knife may also function as a survival knife.
  4. Folding Knife. The folding feature makes for a convenient and concealed carriage. Swiss knives are folding knives. Folding knives, of course, are the exact opposite of a fixed blade knife. So the seasoned collector may want to keep a fixed and a folding one.
  5. Survival Knife. This helps you thrive in emergency situations. It helps you manage outdoor and camping life. A good blade is long and fixed. Fixed ones help you better clear paths and even chop up stuff in the wild. A long fixed blade knife is safer with a sheath. A survival knife may also function as a hunting knife.

What Type of Blade Should You Buy?

  1. Drop Point. This slopes on the spine of the blade and the tip is thicker. This is useful for butchering, carving, and skinning. This is good when you need more control.
  2. Clip Point. Unlike a drop point, the traditional clip point blade is capable of long, fast, and smooth cuts. Use this for time-bound and numerous, repetitive tasks.
  3. Spear Point. The shape is symmetrical. The tip lines up with the center of the blade. It is an efficient throwing knife and useful for piercing objects. It has a sharp point. Blunt tip knives are a type of modern spear point knife.