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Different Fitted Cases and Skins for Acer Cell Phones

In the modern age, it seems that almost every person has a cell phone. It is important for most people to protect their cell phones in order to keep them safe and functional for as long as possible. Knowing about the different types of cell phone cases and skins on the market and which cases will work for an Acer smartphone can help you make an informed decision.

What is a phone skin?

A phone skin is a decorative adhesive that attaches to a cellphone. They are often not permanent and can be taken off. A phone skin will help protect a phone from scratches. There are many different phone skin design options. Usually they will have a print or pattern, portray a character, or feature a brand logo. Often, phone skins will feature designs from various sports teams, iconic games, movies, television, or other popular culture references.

What is the difference between a phone skin and a case?

A cell phone skin is an adhesive decal, similar to a sticker. A skin will protect your phone from minor damages such as scratches; however, a case is typically more durable and offers protection from surface and accidental screen damage. A cell phone case is generally a protective outer shell for a phone that can also offer personal customization by adding flair or fashion to a cell phone.

What type of materials are fitted cases made of?

Plastic, metal such as aluminum, wood, and fiber are the most commonly used materials to create Android phone cases. Plastics such as polyurethane and polycarbonate are very durable and often used to create Acer smartphone cases. Other plastics such as polypropylene are more flexible and will provide a different type of texture and grip compared to the more rigid polypropylene. There are numerous different materials that can make up cell phone cases including:

  • Leather (also synthetic leather and suede)
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Wood or bamboo
  • Canvas
What are some optional case features?

When purchasing a phone, it is important to keep in mind what features on the case will add convenience to your everyday life. If you enjoy watching movies or streaming from your phone, you may want to look into a case with a kickstand option. Consider some of the different case accessories options:

  • Card holder on the back
  • External photo lens
  • Heavy or lightweight
  • Projector
  • Water or liquid resistance levels
  • Clips or straps
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